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How to make handmade Easter eggs

Easter 2023

The hottest and most chocolaty time of the year is coming! At first, a movement of more than BRL 2.5 billion is expected in the sector for 2023. In other words, Easter is one of the most profitable times of the year for brands and shopkeepers.

However, the price of famous brand Easter eggs rose by about 35%. As a result, many Brazilians began to look for options in small regional businesses or even produce their own eggs to socialize with the family.

How to make handmade Easter eggs – Image: Pexels

However, increasing prices can be a good strategy for anyone looking for extra income or even starting their own business. So how about starting to produce handmade Easter eggs?
Thinking about it, we prepared a complete content with tips to help you start your craft production of Easter eggs, product suggestions and also how to prepare your eggs. Follow:

How to plan your handmade egg production

Before knowing how to make your handmade Easter eggs, you need to do a whole plan. At first, there are some steps you can take to make your new business more profitable and you hit the target audience.

Therefore, here are some important points for you to structure the production of your chocolate eggs and help you with the household economy:

1 – Planning is key

First, it’s important that you plan! Although it seems obvious, many entrepreneurs forget to plan and end up not having the success they expected.

In this sense, it is important that you list all the costs that you will have in the production of chocolate eggs, if you are going to work alone, necessary materials, the types of products you intend to offer, among others.

2 – Look for suppliers

Now that you’ve got all your Easter egg planning listed, it’s time to start looking for suppliers. In this sense, it is important to emphasize that, even though it is an initial business, it is important to value the quality of the products.

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3 – Time to research your target audience

At first, many people make the mistake of starting a business and not knowing who to sell their products to. Easter eggs and chocolates in general tend to please most people.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re going to cater to everyone. It is important to filter and meet profiles that communicate with your values ​​and also with the brand proposal.

For example, vegan Easter eggs, lactose-free Easter eggs, among others. So, profile potential customers, apply marketing strategies that are able to convince people to buy your craft products.

4 – Analyze the production costs of Easter eggs

This one is certainly one of the most important parts of producing handmade eggs: writing down all production costs.

In this sense, it is important to have a spreadsheet with all the costs of raw materials, products, utensils, employees (if any), etc. For example:

  • Price of the chocolate used in the production of eggs;
  • molds for eggs;
  • Packaging for the sale of goods;
  • Used ingredients;
  • Operating costs (electricity, gas, etc.).
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Easter egg ideas for you to make

Now that you know how to plan the production of your Easter eggs, how about getting inspired with some ideas to sell this year? At first, we came up with some pretty cool ideas that will delight your customers. Check out:

1 – Children’s Easter Egg

Certainly the Brazilian economy at Easter time is moved by the little ones. Or rather, by the parents who bought several children’s-themed eggs. So how about investing in handmade themed Easter eggs for kids?

In this way, you can be inspired by the internet itself and pick up the most sought after themes for children’s themes. At the pinterestfor example, you can find thousands of inspirations with photos and even videos!

Image: Reproduction / Instagram

2 – Lactose-free chocolates

Currently, many people are diagnosed with lactose intolerance. That is, they cannot eat foods containing milk. So how about taking advantage and offering your customers lactose-free Easter eggs?

Image: Reproduction / Instagram

At first, the market already has several culinary ingredients that are zero lactose. So, bet on the taste and look of the product to serve a different audience.

3 – Kit with mini-eggs

Want a way to innovate this Easter? Offer your customers a pre-Easter mini-egg kit! Thus, customers can taste their products and already prepare for a larger order.

In this sense, you can assemble kits with 3, 4 or 5 eggs. Everything will depend on the size of each egg. So, pay attention to the packaging, because the first thing we do is “eat with your eyes”.

Image: Reproduction / Instagram

Learn to make handmade eggs

After understanding all the production and processes behind chocolate eggs, how about learning how to make your own? Even if your intention is not to sell, you can present someone with the treat. Check out:

Necessary materials

  • – 1 mold in the shape of an Easter egg, or another format you prefer;
  • – Household utensils, such as pan, spatula, etc;
    • – Pastry tube.
Image: Reproduction / Instagram


At first, our recipe is for an Easter egg with a spoonful of Nutella Brigadeiro flavor. In this regard, you will need:

  • 250 grams of fine or fractioned chocolate (remembering that if the chocolate is not fractioned, it will be necessary to temper the food);
  • 1 box of condensed milk;
  • ½ box of cream milk;
  • 3 tablespoons of pure cocoa powder;
  • 1 tablespoon (soup) butter;
  • 100 grams of Nutella;
  • 100 grams of already beaten whipped cream.

After separating all the amounts of the necessary ingredients, check out how to prepare this delicious Easter egg:


At first, you will start by melting the 250 grams of chocolate in a bain marie. To make it simpler, let’s use the fractional chocolate preparation method, which is easier. However, you can choose to temper if you use a noble product.

Once the chocolate is completely melted, you will pour it into the chosen mold. Ah, it is important to point out that this amount of candy can make two egg shells.

Then fill in the shapes, respecting the correct measurements of each one. Then take the molds to the freezer for about 10 minutes, or until you notice that the chocolate is completely hard.

In the meantime, let’s prepare the filling for our egg. To do this, pour all the ingredients into a pan, except the Nutella and the whipped cream. Mix well before turning on the fire.

Then, turn on the fire at medium temperature, and stir so that the cream does not burn.

Image: Pexels

Then, when the mixture starts to bubble, count 1 minute and remove the pan from the heat. Now you can add the Nutella so that it is homogeneous.

Then, pour the cream into a container, and cover with cling film in contact. Thus, it prevents that film from appearing. Let the preparation cool down.

Then, when the Nutella brigadier is cold, add the whipped cream and incorporate everything. That’s it, your stuffing is ready! Now let’s get to the assembly!

Easter egg assembly

Start by removing the chocolate shell from the mold. However, it’s important to be careful not to crack the shell and ruin your egg. After that, put your Nutella brigadeiro in the pastry tube.

Then go stuffing the whole shell. Remember to weigh the contents if you are making the egg to sell. Finally, decorate with Nutella scratches, confectionery or whatever your imagination comes up with!

Image: Reproduction / Instagram

Did you see how incredible the production of handmade Easter eggs can be to move your family’s income? Finally, remember to always follow the planning tips for your business to be very successful!

Take the opportunity to follow our portal and have access to other similar content. Happy Easter!

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