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How to make Easter decorations

Learn it how to make easter decorations and leave your home ready to celebrate this special date. The adornments can be made with different types of materials, such as EVA, felt, fabrics and even recyclables. They usually value Easter symbols, such as the rabbit and colored eggs.

How to make ornaments for Easter. (Photo: Pinterest/Disclosure)

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How to make ornaments for Easter?

In 2015, Easter is celebrated on March 27. On this Sunday, families usually organize a nice lunch and distribute chocolate eggs. The commemorative date also has an important religious meaning, after all, it symbolizes the resurrection of Christ. And that’s why many people search and research how to make easter ornaments.

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Use different materials

During the days leading up to Easter, people usually make ornaments to give away with the chocolate egg or simply to decorate the room. Ideas take shape through craft work, which is not only developed in early childhood education.

Eggs cannot be left out of the decor. (Photo: Pinterest/Disclosure)

Different materials can be used to make Easter ornaments, such as scraps of fabric, biscuit, felt and EVA. Even recyclable materials, such as PET bottles and plastic pots, can be turned into Easter ornaments through crafts.

date symbols

Easter ornaments are usually inspired by the main symbols of the date, such as the rabbit, the carrot, the colored eggs and even the chocolates. Once ready, handmade items can decorate furniture, walls and even doors.

You don’t know how to make decorations for Easter? So check out some awesome ideas below:

Easter wreath templates. (Photo: Pinterest/Disclosure)

easter decoration for door

A piece that has become popular when decorating the house for Easter is the wreath. The rim can be made with vine and the details with biscuit. Some people also decorate the wreath with bunnies made from felt or fabric scraps. If you don’t want to spend, don’t worry, because you can make a beautiful wreath for very little. Check your Christmas wreath at home. If it’s more or less, we can use it or if not, you can take dry cords from trees to use as material.

When assembling, if this is the case with dry tree cables, wrap them all in a circle, as in the photo above. If the branch is too dry, it will break and the ideal thing is that it is starting to turn green, so you can wrap it around and when it dries it will be firm in the wreath. To make decorations, for example, you can use chicken eggs in common recipes and not break and throw away the shells. Done that, wash them and let them dry in the sun. Then you can take different colors of paint and paint them. When placing, use hot glue to stick the beautiful part of the shell around the wreath.

recyclable easter ornament

If the intention is to be ecologically correct with the work, then it is worth betting on the reuse of the plastic bottle. The person can use the bottom of the PET to make an Easter basket, decorating it with paints or textured EVA. This item can decorate any corner of the house with a touch of personality or be given as a gift to someone special.

A recyclable ornament option. (Photo: Pinterest/Disclosure)

creative easter ornament

Another Easter ornament suggestion is to make a container with decorated eggs. The first step is to empty the eggs without breaking the shell. Afterwards, just paint them with different colors and place them in a transparent glass pot. This element can decorate any space in the house, including the living room. On the table, you can use stuffed rabbits and colorful elements, such as vases with straws and other items.

Decorated Easter table. (Photo: Pinterest/Disclosure)

Easter lunch decorations

The Easter lunch table can be decorated with napkins folded in the shape of a rabbit, a stuffed rabbit, a basket of colored eggs, flowers, among many other ornaments. Remember that the house can be decorated as a whole to bring the family together and make the environment pleasant and perfect for the family.

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Easter decorations videos

Watch the videos below and learn how to make ornaments for easter🇧🇷

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