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How to Make Automatic Door in Minecraft [2022]

How to make an automatic door in Minecraft? Now that, thanks to my advice You built your shelter in Minecraft , You are ready to make doors to block the access doors of the creatures that populate the world of this famous game. However, you don’t want a simple door, but something automated, so that you don’t have to interact with it every time to open or close it. In fact, if you were to forget an open door in the middle of the night, you could risk finding zombies or skeletons wandering into your haven.

How to make an automatic door in Minecraft

Things are like that, am I right? Then I would be happy to know that you came to the right place at the right time. In my guide, in fact, I will show you how to make an automatic door in Minecraft , in a few simple steps. First, I’ll show you the materials needed to build a door and the resources you’ll need to create the mechanisms to automate its opening and closing. Next, I’ll show you how to build a door and make it automatic, as well as give you some tips on creating more complex systems, like using fully automated secret passages.

I bet my introduction intrigued you to the point where you can’t wait to start reading this guide, am I right? So let’s not waste any more precious time and just spend a few minutes of your free time: all you have to do is sit back and carefully read the suggestions you will find in this guide. All that remains for me is to wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Collect the necessary materials

make a door in minecraft

to make a door in minecraft , you need to start with the collection of all the useful materials for its construction. a door consists of only one type of resource: for example, if you want to build a door in acacia wood , you will have to use acacia wood boards , while for an iron door , you will have to get gods iron ingots .

 wooden doors

As for wooden doors , depending on the variety of material used, such as acacia , birch or spruce , just to give you a few examples, you can create doors with a different frame. For this reason, depending on the project you are carrying out, the use of one material over another can be a fundamental aesthetic choice.

automatic door in Minecraft

Furthermore, wooden doors can be opened and closed without the need for any automated system, simply by interacting with them. This happens, however, differently for those in iron, to which an opening mechanism must be applied, also automated, using simple or complex systems.

Regarding the construction materials, in case you want to make a wooden door , you will have to collect the wood from the trees. This operation can also be done with your bare hands, but I recommend using an axe , in case you have to create a lot of doors for your shelter. When you get wooden logs , place them on a workbench or in the crafting section of the avatar ‘s inventory , to convert them to wooden planks.

wooden plank

Iron Gates

For the iron gates instead, you need to get iron ingots , a resource that you can find as treasure in speakers scattered throughout the world of Minecraft. The fastest way to get iron is to pick it up, via a pickaxe , by interacting with the iron veins you find digging underground in the Minecraft world.

When you find a crude iron vein , you will have to interact on it with a pickaxe and or mine crude iron blocks . the latter must be placed inside a furnace , to turn them into iron ingots .

iron gate

The materials listed above are the only materials you will need to make a door. As for the opening systems, such as buttons , levers , stirrups , or redstone circuits , you will need to collect additional resources.

Levers and buttons are opening mechanisms that do not properly belong in automation systems, which are the subject of this guide, as they require an interaction to open a door. For this reason, I will focus on other mechanisms, which I will explain to you in the following lines.

to make an automatic door in minecraft serve pressure pads , which allow you to open a door when the avatar is on them. Another useful item could be the daylight sensor , which keeps the doors open during the day, and then automatically closes at night, to keep out dangerous nocturnal creatures from entering the shelter.

automatic door in Minecraft

pressure pad is created at a workbench or in the crafting section of the inventory, positioning, in two slots, 2 units of rubble or wooden planks . For the daylight sensor instead, you’ll need to enter a workbench 3 units of glass , 3 units of nether Quartz, and 3 slabs of wood .

minecraft pressure pad

If the platform or sensor hasn’t been placed near the door, you need to create circuits for Redstone . This material is obtained by interacting with a pickaxe on redstone blocks , which you can find underground in Minecraft.

How to make a door in Minecraft

Now that you know the resources you need to make a door in minecraft , it’s time to start building it. First, make sure you have in your inventory 6 units of wooden planks of a specific variety of your choice. In case you want to create an iron gate, you will need to get it. iron ingots .

After that, place the above resources in 6 of the available slots on the workbench – you’ll need to insert them inside the slots of two adjacent columns. If so, you can help yourself through the project in the recipes section , to automatically and correctly dispose of inventory resources in the workbench.

If you have followed what I have indicated in the lines before the letter, in the right slot you will see the preview of the door resulting from the processing. Now all you have to do is drag its icon to your inventory or a quick equip slot and place it in your shelter.

How to make an automatic door in Minecraft

minecraft platform door

If you built one iron gate , as already mentioned in the previous chapter , you will not be able to open it with your bare hands and therefore you will have to use opening mechanisms. You can also use the latter on wooden doors, to avoid interacting with them.

In this chapter, I will show you simple mechanisms that are based on the automation of the opening and closing of a door, mainly using pressure platforms .

First, make a large gap in the wall of your shelter 2 vertical blocks , which will represent the door compartment. Once this is done, place the door on this previously created door , making sure to carry out this operation from the outside of the building, to orient it in the correct direction.

After that, place one pressure pad on the dirt block right in front of the gate , to connect it without using the redstone circuits. Perform this operation both inside and outside the door. By doing so, when you walk over the platform, the door will open and close automatically, without the need to interact with it.

However, I recommend being careful, because an automatic door placed on the outer wall of a building can allow dangerous creatures to enter, should they come near the door, as they would interact on the pressure pad.

In this sense, you can apply one lever on the inner wall of the door, next to the latter. Interacting with the lever will open the door immediately – at this point, interact on the door to close it.

By doing so, the door will remain locked and can no longer be opened by using the platforms. Only by interacting on the lever again will the door lock be removed, allowing the pressure pads to function properly.

locked door with minecraft lever

Also, in case you want to create an automatic door that stays open during the day and closes at night, you will need to use a daylight sensor . Its operation is simple: when exposed to direct light, it lights up, activating any mechanism connected to it; during the night, however, it remains off without generating any impulse.

minecraft sensor door

The procedure to follow is to install the daylight sensor in any position outside, to always be in direct contact with daylight, and connect it to the door by means of a Redstone connection . You will simply have to draw a redstone line between the sensor and the door, to connect them.

Other methods to make an automatic door in Minecraft

secret passage

In addition to the systems that I told you about in the previous chapter To open and close a door automatically in Minecraft, there are other more complex ones, which may require replacing the door with doors made of blocks. An example is the construction of a secret passage , which hides the entrance to a shelter.

In case you are interested in this topic, I recommend that you read my guide on how to build a secret passage , in which I explained in detail how to carry out this project using Redstone and a piston system . You can use any mechanism to activate it, including the pressure pads or daylight sensor.

What is the piston for?

  • Push blocks (simplest function, but does not work with Obsidian and Bedrock);
  • Pull blocks (when the piston is combined with a Slime Ball it turns into a Sticky Piston);
  • Triggering traps (because it works automatically when energized, it is very useful in this role);
  • Simulate automatic opening of doors and gates (acts similar to the trap system, but focused on doors);
  • Push player and MOBs (the piston does this task, but cannot crush players and MOBs against solids);
  • Water gates (even when activated, the piston is not hollowed out, assuming the role of a solid block, which prevents the passage of water through a stream);
  • Push carts and boats (does the physical work of propulsion, if the cart is on top of a rail, it pushes both together).

How to make a piston in Minecraft

Piston: 3 planks on top + 4 boulders on the sides + 1 iron bar in the center + 1 redstone on the bottom.

how to make a piston in minecraft / Leandro Kovacs / Screenshot

Sticky Piston: 1 Piston on the bottom + 1 Slime Ball in the center.

how to make a piston in minecraft / Leandro Kovacs / Screenshot


  • The piston can push a maximum of 12 blocks;
  • If it returns to the off position, the sticky piston does not pull any blocks;
  • When blocks are pushed by the piston, items and players above the block will fall;
  • Blocks with extra data are not pushed by pistons (chest, dispenser, etc…);
  • Portals cannot be pushed;
  • Pistons work in multiplayer mode.

I hope this short guide can help with your automation tasks within Minecraft. This engineering machine brings with it many ways to use it in the game. Maybe you can discover new ways to use the tool? Good games.

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