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how to make and where to use this sweet delight

egg yarn: how to make and where to use this golden and sweet-sweet delight?

We have very important tips so that nothing is missing from the candy table next Christmas. With a thousand and one uses and easier to make than you might think, these “golden” threads can make all the difference in the treats you usually make at home.

Don’t you feel like tea with a slice of very sweet cake?


When we think about egg threads: how to make them and where to use them, sometimes it seems that there is a lack of ideas beyond the typical egg lamprey or simply placing them in a bowl on the dessert table. But egg yarn is much more versatile than you might think! Here are some tips on possible uses.

Decorate pies and cakes

You know that almond pie or walnut cake you always make for parties? Take the opportunity to place them in a very simple dish, white or transparent, preferably; the egg strands do the rest of the work (and the sparkle)!

garnish the pudding

Egg pudding is another classic on Portuguese tables. After taking it out of the mold, put strings of eggs in the pudding hole and flanking it. You can also add some pearls and sugar and the result is truly phenomenal!

sprinkle eclairs

You can even buy the eclairs done. But take care of the presentation! Is someone coming to your house for coffee? Serve these mini delights on a platter with soft eggs on top. It will be a real success.

garnish the roast turkey

Yes it’s true! Egg strands don’t just serve sweet purposes! Try putting a handful of these threads around the platter where the roasted ham is served, along with orange slices, for example.

They will bring a fantastic color to the dish. And even if the guests eat them, the sweet/salty mixture will be quite interesting!

Wrap the soft eggs

Finally, as a last usage tip is a possibility that may seem obvious but is not used very often. If in your house it is customary to present soft eggs at party tables, place them wrapped in egg threads. In addition to being delicious, it creates a very funny gastronomic environment.

egg yarn recipe

Kitchen:typical portuguese


Setup time:00:25


  • 15 gems
  • 1 egg white
  • 500gr sugar
  • 300ml water
  • vanilla essence qb

preparation method

  • Start by putting the sugar, water and vanilla essence in a saucepan and mix well.
  • Separately, mix the egg yolks and the white in a bowl, without beating (this step is very important).
  • Pass this mixture through a fine sieve, transferring them to another bowl.
  • Put the casserole on a low heat until it boils.
  • At this point, use a funnel with several nozzles (suitable for egg threads) and slowly pour the mixture of egg yolks in circular motions. Be careful not to overfill the pan.
  • Let the yolks cook for about 2 to 3 minutes and remove them with the help of a slotted spoon. Place them in a sieve placed over a large bowl, so that the threads take on color.
  • Repeat the process until you run out of yolks.

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