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How to make a wedding invitation step by step

Check out how make wedding invitation step by step🇧🇷 The wedding invitation is the first impression of how the big day will be for
the guests. The right type, colors, material, format and underwriting are key to making that impression exactly what you want it to be. The type of wedding invitation is directly linked to the type of wedding ceremony: formal, informal, themed or personalized. And you can make your wedding invitation yourself by following a few steps and thus having the invitation of your dreams. Sometimes it’s much easier to do it yourself than to explain your idea to someone else.

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Make a wedding invitation step by step – There are several types of wedding invitations and you can even make a part of it yourself or all of it.

What this article covers:

How to make a wedding invitation step by step

Classic or modern wedding invitation, traditional or personalized invitation, basic or different? It can be difficult to choose which invitation you want but doing it is not that difficult. Check below how make wedding invitation step by step following these two models that we separate below.

  • Lace wedding invitation step by step~

You will need:

  • hot gun and glue tubes
  • Wedding invitation paper weighing at least 180 grams (must be very stiff)
  • satin ribbon
  • lace ribbons for finishing clothes. You can buy the fabric, but the ribbon already makes your work easier in creating the artwork.

Step by step

  1. Make an invitation art only from the middle of the sheet of paper down, 2.4 of the sheet. This will allow you to fold the invitation in half, creating a cover. Simply fold it in half vertically and create an opening cover for the item.
  2. Your own step will be to place the lace from the middle to the end, dividing the front part. You can apply the fabric to the whole piece as well or diagonally, as you wish. The important thing is to create a format that you believe is interesting.
  3. Fit the lace or wish and make the cut with scissors very carefully to have a nice finish.
  4. Apply the hot glue in small, light dots. Other fabric glues can be used. The cool thing about hot glue is that it doesn’t come off easily and leaves a more professional finish.
  5. Glue the fabric and hold a little.
  6. Cut the ribbon to the size you want and apply as a finish for the artwork. It can be in the form of a bow or just straight to differentiate the model a little. You can even add small pearls glued to the center or different stones, all with a light drop of hot glue to give a special touch. But use small, fine stones, or the invitation won’t look nice in the envelope if you’re going to use that for packing and delivery.

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You can vary the papers and ribbon depending on your wedding decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Wedding invitation with bow step by step

To make this invitation you will need:

  1. Open a word file, and reset the bottom page margin in page layout > margin > custom margin.
  2. Write the bride and groom’s name at the bottom of the page.
  3. On another sheet, set the top margin of the page to 4 cm.
  4. Write the invitation text (the text should be approximately 3 fingers below the top edge of the page).
  5. To print, it depends on how your printer works, how it pulls the sheet.
  6. The correct way is, step 2 should be printed on the front of the sheet and step two on the back with the letter upside down.
  7. Take the scrapbook sheet and cut it approximately 2 fingers smaller than the sheet you printed. Paste the slash from the top of the bride and groom’s name.
  8. Now take the lower side to the beginning of the text and fold. then fold the top flap.
  9. Make a bow ribbon and place it crosswise.

Step by step wedding invitation videos

The invitation bow can be of different colors and styles (Photo: Disclosure)

Also check out how make wedding invitation step by step in the videos below:

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