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How to make a vertical garden

O vertical garden it is a garden model that has been very much in evidence in recent times when we talk about modern decorations for small environments and with little space for a traditional garden.

Beautiful, modern and with a touch of nature for balconies, the vertical garden is still a good option for small apartments. Do you want to know a little more about the vertical garden and how to create one? vertical garden right there, in your house. Then follow the tips below!

How to make a vertical garden

the vertical garden it can be made with different materials and looks beautiful on a wall for balconies with balconies, for example, and that do not have ample space. To learn how to make a vertical garden, watch the video that teaches you in a simpler step by step??

How long does an artificial vertical garden last?

The artificial vertical garden can last for a long time, taking into account that it requires care such as not being able to be exposed to the sun, for example, and if the tips are strictly followed, the project can last for 10 to 15 years easily.

How much does it cost to make a vertical garden?

Depending on the style of garden there may be different costs, for example we have a garden with artificial and simpler plants that can cost an average of R$500 to R$1,500.

However, those planned and architectural gardens with irrigation system designed by a professional landscaper, with natural plants, can cost in a single exclusive project, the trifle from BRL 7 to BRL 20 thousand depending on the size, design, quality of materials and style of the garden.

Benefits of having an artificial vertical garden

Yes, there are many benefits of adopting green for balconies or even inside your home. Check the following list:

  • Feel closer to nature;
  • Easy and practical to care for;
  • Customizable;
  • Visual relaxation of space;
  • Promotes sustainability;
  • Brings lightness and charm to decoration;
  • Thermal and acoustic comfort;
  • Ideal for indoor environments;
  • It lasts a long time;
  • Super economical;

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