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How to make a swing in the garden

O swing represents a creative and fun way to increase outdoor space🇧🇷 It can be made with different materials, such as wood, nylon, steel cables, tires, chains and ropes.

The swing makes the garden more charming and fun. (Photo: Disclosure)

Capable of providing beauty and tranquility to the garden, the swing has influenced landscaping projects for decades. The piece combines with the main natural elements, including the fruit trees, the flowerbeds, the lake and the green lawn.

In addition to favoring the outdoor children’s playthe swing also offers adults the possibility to relax and talk together with nature.

What this article covers:

How to make a swing in the garden?

Learn how to make a swing in the gardenusing chains and carabiners:

1. Choose a seat made of decorated metal railings for the swing, preferably with protective railings.

2. The seat size chosen must be at least 60 cm wide by 38 cm deep.

3. Choose a strong chain for your swing, which can be found for sale at the hardware store.

4. Purchase two lengths of chain long enough to hang from the tree.

5. Tie the chains to the tree branches and connect them with the carabiner.

6. Use the sides of the seat rails to support the chains. The structure will be firmer if the connection is made with carabiners.

Observation: Before building the swing, it is important to check that the tree branch is strong enough to support the weight of people.

Ideas for swinging in the garden

Plastic swing installed on a pergola. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check below some garden swing ideas🇧🇷

• If residents have a big tree and hardy in the garden, so they can set up a very simple and fun swing🇧🇷 Just tie a used tire to the sisal rope and then hang it securely from the tree trunk. Children will surely love this new attraction in the outdoor area of ​​the house.

• An interesting way to make a swing is using a piece of demolition wood and steel cables. The item will be strong and beautiful, especially if it is decorated with flowers and leaves.

• The garden can be turned into a recreational area. To do this, just install plastic swings on a pergola.

The rope swing is a simple option. (Photo: Disclosure)

• There is the possibility to buy a wooden swing ready and install it in the garden, supported by a large and resistant tree, such as the fig tree.

• Those who want a very simple swing can opt for the conventional model, that is, made with a wooden board and rope.

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