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How to make a salary counter offer

Employment issues that touch on salary offers can be an important but sensitive discussion. Learn how to make a salary counteroffer.

One salary counter offer can be done in many different contexts. It can start from an initial proposal before even starting to work for a company, it can come in the sense of preventing an employee from leaving, or it can be part of an internal negotiation. Learn more about the subject and clarify your doubts.

Salary counterproposal: the interpretation

THE existence of a counterproposal is enough to give a new meaning to a salary or employment negotiation and it can even be used as a weapon of motivation and a key element in decisions about the future of the professional relationship. Note, however, that it is important to look at a salary counterproposal by weighing both sides of the scale. Don’t remove skepticism while pondering your decision.

It is important to rethink the sense in which the proposal can be made, what originated it, what were the factors that led the company to make it, if that was the case. It is also necessary to consider what the consequences of your counter-proposal will be.

Will you jeopardize future promotions? Will it call into question professional trust issues? Weigh the answers well and, at the same time, remember that by making a counter-proposal, you are valuing yourself professionally, something that is increasingly important in today’s labor market.

In any case, keep in mind that the counterproposal is a natural thing, it is part of any negotiation process. And if it makes sense for you to increase the value of the initial proposal, then you should hardly hesitate. Perhaps you will come to realize in the end that you have more power than you thought to renegotiate your salary.

In fact, negotiating a better deal can be proof that you’re an assertive, proactive, work-value worker, and these are often qualities that many employers like.

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How to make a salary counteroffer: essential tips

When building a salary counter-proposal, you have to think about two very important factors: the timing and its professional value. Do not hesitate to research, the salary estimate should be based on the position, company, experience and the demands made on you daily.

This last point is especially important if we are dealing with a scenario of negotiations with an employee already experienced in a particular company. Recognizing these aspects can be challenging and complicated. Consider the following scenarios.

A negotiation/counterproposal during recruitment

Doing your homework and preparing well before going to an interview also includes thinking about the financial aspect. There are many recruiters who introduce this topic covertly. If you don’t feel comfortable initially “shooting the numbers”, or possibly discussing how much you made in your previous job, save this information for during the recruiting process.

It will show that you are a qualified and important employee for the company, without the weight of monetary issues in the air. During the negotiation, do not be afraid to show that you are wanted by other companies, that they have other processes open, when you formalize the counter-proposal. Both here and in the next context, it is important to make proposals in writing as well.

A salary counter-offer in a promotion context

Here you should know how to argue well why you are asking for a different value from the one originally proposed. He probably considers that the salary originally proposed to him does not reflect the true contribution he makes daily. Argue this fact, relying on the knowledge you have, on what you have learned, on the support you provide on a daily basis.

Don’t do it arrogantly, but confidently. Here comes the importance of assertiveness. Before starting the negotiation, make a list of your strengths and what you have achieved during your time working there. Schedule a meeting with the right person, through a more formalized email, so you can maintain professionalism at all times.

A salary counterproposal during a company change phase

Imagine that the company you work for is going to be restructured. It could be a propitious context for this, and good entrepreneurs know how important it is that, at a time of change, the salary issue does not fall into oblivion.

It is a great incentive for the whole structure that there is a change in the income of workers at these times. So be prepared for a proposal to land on the table, and as soon as it arrives, be prepared to make a counter-offer for a raise, even if it’s not significant.

A salary counteroffer when you are hired by another company

Life is like that. When we are good, everyone wants us. If you receive an offer to join another company, even if you are doing well in the job you have at the moment, analyze it, and, regardless of the advantages it offers, always consider making a counter offer of salary.

Don’t be tempted to readily accept the proposal, just because you really like joining this company. Even if it’s a dream job, think with a cool head, and always try to make the most of your assets. If they really like their job, they probably won’t hesitate to raise their proposed salary.

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