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How to make a mini garden for apartments

Learn how to make a mini garden for apartments🇧🇷 This special project, also known as a terrarium, takes a bit of nature into the apartment, through a miniature ecosystem.

The mini garden is a small ecosystem. (Photo: Reproduction/Mini Mundos)

Have one home garden It’s not a privilege for many people. In most cases, there is a lack of space to set up a gardening corner. If you face this problem, then know that it is possible to build a small garden, even with all the limitations of an apartment.

Setting up a small garden in the apartment, residents relieve stress, improve mental health and, on top of that, exercise creativity.

What this article covers:

mini garden for apartments

O mini garden turned into a true landscaping trend. It functions as an inviting, charming and cozy corner, capable of putting residents in contact with nature.

O miniature garden has the mission of simulating a natural landscape. To make this possible, he combines different species of plants, stones and decorative objects. O small ecosystem it is assembled with creativity and good taste inside vases, glass jars and even bottles.

It is possible to create various landscapes.  (Photo: reproduction/brcondos blog)

It is possible to create various landscapes. (Photo: reproduction/brcondos blog)

At mini garden plants they must be small, resistant and low maintenance, as is the case with succulents. These little plants can survive in different containers and allow you to create different natural scenarios.

How to make mini garden for apartment?

You do not know how to make mini garden🇧🇷 So, here are the necessary materials and the step by step:

Necessary materials

– a glass aquarium
– gravel
– activated mineral carbon
– mosses
– pine bark
– topsoil
– a selection of succulent plants (or with the same type of watering)

Step by step to make mini garden

Step 1: place the gravel in the bottom of the glass container. The ideal height is two to three fingers.

Step 2: make a layer with vegetable soil, thus covering the entire surface with gravel. Then add activated mineral charcoal in order to avoid rotting and bad smells in the terrarium.

Step 3: transfer the succulent plants into the container, making the planting. Take care to top up with soil and cover the roots well.

Step 4: it’s time to add the decorative elements to the mini garden. Start by placing the pine bark and then distribute the mosses. Use tweezers to make laying out easier. Finish with some gravel.

Succulent plants are the most recommended.  (Photo: Playback/Pinterest)

Succulent plants are the most recommended. (Photo: Playback/Pinterest)

Step 5: to take care of miniature garden maintenanceput some water directly on the earth every 10 days.

See how easy it is to assemble one? mini garden for apartment🇧🇷 So put the tips into practice and make your own ecosystem. If in doubt, leave a comment.

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