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How to make a love spell with the full moon

The full moon, being the phase where our natural satellite is at its maximum energy point, is when the effects of the rituals are more powerful, and If this lunar vibe is used in a love spell, the results could be more effective..

A love spell is a type of ritual that aims to strengthen the emotional bond between two people. It is called “mooring” because of the procedure used to perform the spell (two materials are joined to spiritually seal a relationship).

These esoteric procedures can be white or black magic. In the first case, pure love is desired, that is, the objective is that nothing and nobody interferes in love or that third parties oppose the relationship. In the second case, we want to manipulate the desire of a person for selfish reasons, this means that we do not care about her well-being, but only possess her.

The full moon love tie is white magic and the feminine power of our natural satellite is used to conquer the person who loves with the heart.. According to the site, author of this ritual, you need the following materials:

A glass of red
mineralized water
red ribbon
2 red candles
Hair of your loved one
A long branch of an old tree

The mooring must be done on the first full moon night before midnight.

How to make the full moon mooring step by step

Step 1: place the candles on a small altar and in front of them the red glass. Serve the mineralized water.

Step 2: tie a knot with the lock of hair and throw it in the glass with mineral water.

Step 3: with a match lights the red candles and leaves the glass in the light of the full moon.

Step 4: when midnight is past midnight, take out the lock of hair and tie it to the thickest part of the tree branch with the red ribbon.

step 5: Recite the following sentence: “By this method I tie up (full name), she remains tied to me, she only loves me. He/She goes crazy for me and can’t get away from me. So be it”.

Step 6: extinguish the candles with your wet fingers and put the branch with the lock in the glass with mineralized water.

step 7: the next day repeat the phrase from step 5 and go to a garden to bury the branch, as if you were planting a tree, and water it with mineralized water. If possible, bury the candles in the same place.

According to the site La Brujería Blanca, the results of the mooring will have to be noticed within the following 28 days, if you do not perceive changes, you can repeat the ritual on the next full moon.

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