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How to make a dream journal and what are its benefits, according to astrologers

Dreams can communicate messages to us that, at first, are difficult to decipher and writing them in a journal serves in the process of remembering, reflecting, interpreting and integrating them in the context of real lifecommented astrologer Imani Quinn.

When we dream, our mind sends important information that we can unlock while we are awake, the also spiritual healer explained to Cosmopolitan. She said that dreams connect with the astral realmthat is why they offer us keys to clarify challenges that we face in reality.

Thus, through dreams it is possible to heal relationships, overcome fears, give our maximum potential and receive advice from spiritual guides through intuition. As an example, the astrologer exposed dreaming that we have a sincere conversation with the couple. Writing down the emotions we feel in the dream journal will give us the opportunity to change our perspective in case we have problems in the relationship.

However, he emphasized that the real benefits of a dream journal will come if we are consistentthat is, writing down in the notebook day by day what we dream about because that way the messages will have greater depth.

How to make a dream journal

1. Write your dream as soon as you wake up

When we first open our eyes we are still in the astral realm, Quinn said, which means that the unconscious mind is still in charge and it will be easier to write down what our intuition says. You can take the time to meditate on your dreams and talk to your spirit guides about it.

2. Highlight the symbolism

In a list, write down the symbols that you remember from the dream such as animals, locations, activities, etc., and find out what they mean. For example, water represents emotions and its interpretation will depend on the state in which you have dreamed it.

3. Use your intuition

When you write down as much data as you can remember and have investigated its meaning, the astrologer says that you should use your intuition to interpret it and associate it with your reality.

4. Learn the message

Quinn said this step is the most important. Once we have all the context, the key will be to ask ourselves What actions compels us to implement this dream? For example, if the message talks about limits, we will have to think about where we should establish them, whether it is at work or in the relationship.

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