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How to make a circle of protection against energy thieves

Energy thieves or emotional vampires are those people who they steal our energy, knowingly or unknowinglyand in their presence we feel tired, our mood changes and they can even cause us headaches.

This is because they concentrate a lot of negativity so their vibe is low frequency. They need to “feed” on the aura of other people to regulate their energy.

And it is that, given the impossibility of changing their way of thinking, approach, motivate themselves and see things positively, they are not able to generate their own glow. The most optimistic, empathetic and sensitive are its main victims.

An energy thief can be anyone, from a colleague, someone in the family to a partner. How to prevent them from stealing our energy? One of the most effective and simple techniques is through a circle of protection.

How to make a circle of protection vs emotional vampires

A circle of protection is basically an energetic shield that we create around us to prevent bad energy from affecting us. The technique is very simple.

According to the specialized site La Brujería Blanca, first we have to meditate. Go to a comfortable place and sit on a chair or on the floor in a lotus position. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, hold your breath for a few seconds and exhale slowly through your mouth. Do this for a few minutes.

When you are focused and relaxed, imagine that a circle surrounds you from the ground to above your headas if you were inside a bubble.

It is important to visualize it as if it were a halo of bright light, with vivid colors such as yellows and whites. Focus on the circle and feel its warm presence. Imagine that it is impenetrable, that no type of vibration outside of you enters that space of safety.

The suggestion is to do this exercise daily and at the same time to strengthen it, however, it is also prudent to do it when we know that we will be in contact with someone who steals our energy.

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