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How to Make a Brick Fireplace

In this article we are going to talk about an interesting part of the house, especially in cold winter seasons, that we are starting to face: A brick fireplace🇧🇷 The fireplace can be very useful to warm up a cold environment, in addition it can provide a much more charming look to the design of the house.

We can build fireplaces from various materials, but let’s cite the advantages and disadvantages of one brick fireplace🇧🇷 Stone fireplaces also have great durability, but the fact is that each of them has a unique style and this will vary according to the person’s taste.

There are several models, choose the one that best suits your taste.

What this article covers:

How to Make a Brick Fireplace

To make a good brick fireplace, buy new bricks to make it look like new. Avoid buying used brick just because it has a lower price, as this can compromise the look of the fireplace in a short time. Another advantage of a brick fireplace is its installation, much easier than stone fireplaces, for example, and you may not even need an expert (video of how to make a brick fireplace at the end of the article).

Once you’ve chosen the place where the fireplace will be installed in your home, just buy the bricks at building material stores or building depots. Depending on the design of your fireplace, the amount of bricks may vary slightly. Some observations are essential to make your fireplace:

  • Fire chamber: It is the opening of the fireplace to the environment that will be heated. A sloping wall should be made at the bottom so that hot air is directed into the room.
  • Hood and fireplace duct: They will serve to stop the cold air that may come from outside and also serve to capture the smoke to throw it outside.

The wall that will house the fireplace should be tilted forward at 45° to keep warm air in and to blow smoke out.

American type fireplace (Photo: Disclosure)

American brick fireplace (Photo: Disclosure)

But if that “do it yourself” stuff isn’t your style, then you can hire skilled labor🇧🇷

One company that provides great service on projects such as brick fireplaces is Easy Worka company located in the city of Sorocaba, in the interior of São Paulo, which has been operating in the area since 2004, carrying out quality projects with a highly qualified service team for any type of similar work.

If you want a reliable company to assemble your fireplace, you can contact Easy Work and showing up at the store in person. They serve the region of Sorocaba and also the city of Governador Valadares (MG). Not to mention that the company specializes in assembling fireplaces in the most diverse styles, from the most classic to the most modern, just make a budget with them to start an interesting project.

Brick fireplace and tips on how to make it

We can choose fireplaces in the most varied models and colors, even including the type of ceramic brick in which the fireplace will be mounted. In short, here’s a tip for anyone who would like more agility in building a brick fireplace with a specialized service. Access the website at www.obrafacilsp.com.br and see the entire line of models available.

Regardless of hiring a company to assemble the fireplace or trying to build it yourself, the fact is that the fireplace is a great decoration option for your home, not to mention that the cold will have no place near you. It’s a good way to warm up the room, for example, keep the look pleasant with a charming and cozy design that the fireplace provides, and on top of that, gather the family around it in a “prose” circle.

You can also do a brief search on the internet to find other companies specializing in the area to compare prices and projects that are most interesting to you. The most important thing is that you have the fireplace you want, in the style you are looking for. For this, invest in the best offer and invest in your well-being.

See tip from how to make a brick fireplace in this video:


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