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How to like a person, according to their zodiac sign

If you want to get the attention of the person you like and you don’t know how to take the first step, you can resort to astrology. Each zodiac sign has tastes and preferences, so if you know the things or attitudes that your “crush” likes, based on their sign, you will be closer to your goal.

Deciphering the astrological personality of a person is not something simple. The natal chart is like a photograph of the sky at the moment of your birth and to have a general panorama of your character, you need to analyze the position of each planet and how its energy influences according to the sign where they are located. Nevertheless, the sun sign is a good start.

The sun sign is the most common and the one that we all consult in the horoscope, but if you want to be more successful in the art of seduction, you can also decipher your moon sign, so you will have more elements in your favor.

What Aries admires most is sincerity. He doesn’t like people who beat around the bush, so with this sign you can be adventurous and tell him what you think. According to experts at Ask Astrology, he is not likely to make fun of you, on the contrary, he will be flattered.

Patience is the main tool you must have with Taurus. If you want to get his attention, give him his space and don’t rush him. Most likely, he will reject your first invitations, however, it does not mean that he is disinterested, he does it to see how much interest you have. You will get to his heart if you are persistent.

You will attract the attention of a Gemini if ​​you have an open mind, that is, being frank with your opinions, sincere, flexible thinking and, above all, loyal to your values. He does not like reserved people, he could believe that they are hiding something, so you have to be an open book with them.

If you want to start liking Cancer you have to support and appreciate it with sincerity. Being very sensitive, it puts them off when you criticize them, so the best advice with them is to find common ground and focus on that.

When you’re with a Leo who you want to like you should make it your center of attention. If you show an interest in what he’s doing, he’ll know right away and will instinctively start reaching out to you. However, you should avoid giving him too many compliments because he will think you want to take advantage of him.

If you want to win over a Virgo you will have to agree with what he wants, even if you don’t like it. She is very intelligent and will know that you make an effort to like her, that is what she values ​​the most. Over time there will be a way to be honest, meanwhile, you have to make sacrifices.

To get Libra’s attention ask him about his interests. This sign is used to listening, but not being the center of attention. If you start showing curiosity in him, you will never go unnoticed.

It is a difficult sign because it does not trust others. The best way to win it is to be very frank. No matter how uncomfortable the truth may be, if you’re honest with him he’ll appreciate it over time.

He only approaches people he finds fascinating, cultured, and quirky.. The worst mistake you can make is coming across as someone with a boring life. Tell him about your travels, favorite restaurants, books you’ve read, and places you want to visit to keep his attention.

Topics of interest such as history, art, culture or nature please Capricorn. He is not an emotional person so if you start talking about feelings, you will lose his attention. Asking about their goals and objectives is a great start to capturing their interest.

First you must give them their space so that they can develop freely, if you press them they will leave. You will get their attention if you talk about experiences that show that you are free-thinking.for example, if you quit a job because they asked you for something that did not go with your values, etc.

If you talk about mystical, esoteric and paranormal things, Pisces will immediately turn to see you. If you are not good with these topics, it will be enough for you to express your opinion about what is after death or some topic where something can be discussed about it.

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