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How to lay glass blocks

O glass block has become a frequent item in architecture. It allows the creation of dividers and also serves to structure counters in different environments.

The laying of glass blocks requires some care. (Photo: Disclosure)

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What this article covers:

What do you need to know to lay glass blocks?

• Glass blocks do not absorb water, so they need a special mortar;

• There are specific tools and accessories for laying glass blocks;

• The use of inappropriate material in laying can cause cracks and detachment of blocks;

• Before laying, the manufacturer’s recommendations must always be consulted;

• The space that will be filled with glass blocks needs to have adequate dimensions, after all, the pieces cannot be cut like conventional brick;

It is necessary to use specific mortar for glass blocks. (Photo: Disclosure)

• There are many options for mortar for laying glass blocks, as is the case of Fermaglass, from Quartzolit. Twenty kilos of the product cost R$24.90 in cash at the Casa & Construção store;

• In cases of questions about laying glass blocksit is recommended to hire a specialized professional.

Glass blocks: how to lay?

Check out the following step by step to lay the glass blocks🇧🇷

1. Check the ground level and the verticality of the walls. Some manufacturers recommend laying on a metal angle bracket fixed to the floor to ensure a uniform structure;

two. fix the L spacer and place the first glass block in the corner. The following parts may have the T-spacer;

3. At laying joints must be completely filled with mortar. The size of the gasket is determined by the spacer;

4. Use a crimper to remove the excess mortar;

5. Let the mortar dry for 1 hour;

6. The final finishing of the structure should be done with a soft damp sponge.

Glass blocks in construction

Glass block is a material that is often used in construction. (Photo: Disclosure)

There are several advantages to working with glass blocks in construction🇧🇷 Firstly, the pieces favor the entry of light into the environment, thanks to the translucent effect. The transparency of the material also favors the feeling of spaciousness, making a space appear larger than it actually is.

Resistant, modern and available in different colors, glass blocks also contribute to the aesthetics of an environment. The colorless pieces, for example, are perfect for anyone investing in a clean project.

Each glass block measures 19x19cm and is 8cm thick. In addition to decorating homes, the piece can also be used in beauty clinics or doctors’ offices. The price of the unit varies according to the model and manufacturer, but is between 7 and 20 reais.

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