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How to know what your style is? Find out what your style is and check out the best clothing options for you – Innovate when posting!

Fashion and style are constantly changing. Year starts, year ends, and there’s news for all tastes and styles!

Therefore, it is normal that there is some doubt about the definition of the style itself. After all, how do you know which one is yours with all these changes in fashion?

Even with all the changes in the fashion world, it is possible to list 7 styles that are considered universal. They are: sporty, romantic, traditional or classic, elegant or refined, sexy or sensual, urban dramatic and creative style.

However, you don’t necessarily belong to only 1 of these styles!

After all, style is a form of expression that reflects each person’s personality, values ​​and preferences. Furthermore, having style is feeling good, beautiful, sexy, confident in how you are dressed! It’s feeling happy in how you dress!

How about finding out more about knowing your style? Come on, read on and find out!

Knowing each style: the 7 universal styles

Even though fashion is always innovating and presenting a new style every day, there are 7 universal sayings.

But why universals? Simple! Because, it is from them that new styles are created. In addition, even with the latest in the fashion world, they maintain their essence.

sporty style

This style is also known as basic or casual style. Above all, his compositions aim at comfort. Therefore, cotton is one of the most used fabrics for those who are adept at this style.

Incidentally, another point that highlights this style is practicality. White T-shirt, jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers are the pieces that best represent the sporty style.

Romantic style

romantic style

The ruffles, the flowers, the puffed sleeves, as well as the hair accessories are pieces that undoubtedly refer to the romantic style. Generally, skirts and swirled dresses also fit this style.

People of this style are usually those who spend more time in front of the mirror taking care of every detail of the look. In addition, they generally convey a more “angelic” or delicate image.

Traditional Style

The traditional style is the most minimalist. Widely used in more traditional work environments, such as offices, it is characterized by the lack of prints and bright colors. Instead, the characteristic of the style is the sober colors and straight cuts.

Tailored trousers and a white dress shirt are key pieces of this style.

Elegant Style

Following the same footprint as the traditional style, the elegant style also reflects seriousness. However, people adept at this style dare more, betting on trends.

The sober colors are maintained, but the cuts are no longer just minimalist and bring a more laid-back feature to the look.

Sexy Style

Necklines, animal prints, tube dresses, slits and transparency are the hallmarks of this style. And in case you’re associating him with vulgarity, we’ve already advanced that it’s nothing like that.

This style is all about valuing your body. It’s like they say: you can also be sexy without being vulgar!

Urban Dramatic

Monochrome, geometric or black and white pieces are the face of this style! After all, what stands out most about this style is the fashionista side in you.

Women with this style don’t show fear of daring. In addition, they love to be on top of fashion and demonstrate this in the compositions of their looks!

Creative Style

Creative Style is a great mix of all styles. Filled with conventional prints and thrift store pieces, this style is one of those who like to tell a story with their look.

Get to know yourself to discover your style

Now that we’ve discovered the 7 universal styles, it’s time to define your style, isn’t it? But calm down! Before defining your style, it’s important to ask yourself who you are and what you like.

What are your favorite colors, your hobbies, your favorite movies and music?

What are you looking for in an outfit or accessory?

From these reflections, it is possible to identify some personal characteristics that can be incorporated into your style.

Be up to date on fashion trends

To discover your style, it is important to try different styles and combinations of clothes and accessories.

This can be done in stores, in the closet, or even on fashion apps. So, try to get out of your comfort zone and try new colors, prints and textures.

The experimentation process can help you identify what you like and what you don’t.

Another important tip for developing your personal style is to keep up to date with trends and news in your area of ​​interest. This can be done through blogs, magazines, events and social networks.

Staying on top of what’s new can help enrich your style and make it even more authentic and relevant.

Invest in timeless and versatile pieces

To develop your personal style, it is also important to invest in timeless and versatile pieces that can be combined in different ways and on different occasions. This includes items such as jeans, white shirts, blazers, black dresses, among others.

These pieces can be the foundation of your wardrobe. They, when combined with accessories and other more daring pieces, can create varied and stylish looks.

In addition, timeless and versatile pieces are a smart investment, as they can be used for many years without losing their elegance and currentness.

Try new colors and prints

Another way to discover and develop your personal style is to experiment with different colors and prints.

We are often afraid to wear certain colors or prints for fear of not being good or not matching our style. But the truth is that colors and prints can add personality and style to our look.

To start, try adding a different color to your color palette.

If you’re in the habit of wearing dark clothes, try adding a colorful piece, like a yellow sweater or a red skirt. Also, try matching different prints, like stripes and florals, or polka dots and checks.

The important thing is to feel comfortable and confident with your choices.

Discover the style that suits you

Discovering your style does not mean isolating yourself only to it. But yes, understand yourself and dare in a way that you feel safe.

It is very important to remember that style is personal and subjective. There are no rigid rules or ready-made formulas to identify your style.

The important thing is to feel comfortable and confident with your choices and express them authentically and coherently. If you still have doubts about what your style is, try challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone, but always respecting your personality and preferences.

Discovering and developing your personal style can be a challenging process, but also a very rewarding one. Through reflection, observation, experimentation and a strong and consistent digital presence, it is possible to identify and express your personality and interests through your fashion and style choices.

Always remember to be authentic and consistent with who you are and what you like, and enjoy the process of discovering and evolving your personal style.

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