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How to know what country a website is from? • ENTER.CO

Perhaps for a university job you need to know where the web page you are reviewing is from, even for labor issues. Fortunately, there are some web pages that, thinking of these users, leave written at the bottom of the page, the country from which it was made, even the city. But what to do if the country of origin is not visible?

Don’t worry, there are several options, we’ll tell you about them. The first thing you should know is that you do not require other applications to be able to know it. Now, although you can also perform (some of) the following actions from your cell phone, we recommend doing it from a computer, it will be easier.

long method

You must go to the Windows search engine that you find in the form of a magnifying glass in the main bar, otherwise you can press the ‘Windows’ button. Now, in the navigation bar, you will need to type ‘cmd’; You will see that an application is displayed under the name of ‘Command Prompt’, enter there. Once on the black board, you must write ‘ping’ give space and then put the domain of the page you want to review; in this case we search for ‘www.google.com’. Remember, if you don’t put a space between both words, it won’t work.

Web page

You will see that “Pinging” is displayed followed by the domain and then some numbers appear in brackets, that is the IP of the page, you must take it into account for later. Now, you go to your trusted browser and search for whatsmyipadress.com; The first thing this page will show you is your IP address, but at the top right you will find a bar from where you can write the IP address of the page you want to look at. In this case, it’s the number in the brackets that you got just now.

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Once you give it ‘search’, the page will show you information such as the city and country where the domain is hosted, the number of web pages in the name of the same person or company and other useful information.

short method

For this option you also require another page but you no longer need to search for the IP address. You must enter whois.domaintools.com in the search bar that appears in the center of the screen you must write the name of the domain that you want to decrypt. Once again, the page will give you information such as the country and city of origin, the age of the page, etc.

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