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How to know the last day worked for the INSS?

It is almost an obligation for workers to have this notion of time on the last day they worked for the INSS, in order to always guarantee what is rightfully theirs. Many benefits, pensions and various other rights depend on your length of service, when it started and when it ended, as this is how each of the rights are calculated.

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What is the use of information on the last day worked for the INSS?

Information on the last day worked serves the INSS as a way for the public body to know what rights are guaranteed for all those who render accounts, rights that can be benefits and much more.

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With this information, the INSS can pass on the due amounts to the worker who needs certain aid. For example, sickness benefit is well known by many, as it helps to meet the needs of a worker who must be away from work for more than 15 days. After completing 15 days, the worker can activate the sickness benefit after carrying out the medical examination that proves the need.

Who makes the declaration of the last day worked for the INSS?

The person responsible for the construction process of a last day worked declaration is the employee’s employer who, through the use of his own handwriting, presents to the INSS, a documentation with the description of all the necessary information about the last day worked of his employee such as, for example, his full name, his number present in his work card and, of course, the date of his removal from the work activities of his job.

Is it possible to apply for sickness benefit without a declaration of the last day worked?

According to the INSS, the right to sickness benefit is not guaranteed for the insured public agency who does not present the documentation of the declaration of his last day worked issued by the employer.

The reason for the INSS decision is due to the fact that, in order to guarantee the right to sickness benefit, it is necessary for the insured person to present a document proving his health condition with the presence of a disabling disease so that, thus, your right to sickness benefit is guaranteed.

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