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After spending so much time confined, the people of Bogota had to return to universities, jobs and other face-to-face errands since the beginning of the year. For this reason, they had to resort to Transmilenio and SITP, the two most used means of transport in the city. To be able to use both transports it is necessary to have the Tullave card recharged. So, if you want to know how much balance you have on the card, you won’t have to go to a station, you can find out from your cell phone.

The first thing you should keep in mind to be able to check the balance on your cell phone is that it must have NFC connectivity. To verify that you have this option, you must enter the phone settings (or configuration); there you will find a “connections” section if NFC appears you will be able to check the balance, otherwise it will not be possible.

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Now, yes, there are two easy ways to check your balance. The first does not require any application, simply by bringing the card close to the back of the cell phone you will be able to know it, however, not all phones allow consultation without an application that has the option. In that case, we can use the Transmilenio app, which has the “balance check”.

You will find the application in the IOS or Android application store, for both it is free. You will find it as TransmiApp; Once you have it installed, enter it and you will find several options on the home screen. Among them, you will see “check balance”, when you enter, the app explains how to do it (the same steps described here). Activate the NFC and then place the card on the back of the phone and voila, you will see your balance on the phone screen. If you do not have enough balance and you want to recharge your cell phone card, you can do it by following these simple steps.

Image: Bogota Mayor’s Office

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