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How to know if you have reincarnated: know 7 signs that could prove it

Reincarnation refers to the principle that our soul passes from one physical body to another over time, in this process, it acquires lessons, learnings and pending that it inherits from past lives and our mission is to fulfill these parts. The most interesting thing is that there may be signs that could prove that our immaterial being has been in other times of history.

Psychiatrists like the American Brian Weiss affirm that people are able to remember what we experienced in past lives through regression therapies. Through this technique, patients can describe in great detail places and events that their soul apparently experienced before being in the current body.

However, we do not need to be regressed to find out if we have been reincarnated. According to psychic experts from WeMystic, there are signs from the universe that indicate we have been in past lives.

To explain it, they were based on the principles of Buddha, a spiritual teacher whose teachings gave rise to Buddhism, who said that reincarnation is like a wheel (samsara) that can only be broken with the enlightenment of the human being, and when he reaches his state of freedom, put an end to their suffering.

As long as we are on the wheel of reincarnation, we can see some of these 7 signs:

1. Repetitive dreams

Although there are dreams that can be repeated like falling into the void or driving a car, those that suggest reincarnation are when you dream of the same places or in the same period of time in the historical past.

2. Empathy with living beings

According to the principles of the Buddha, the human being can reincarnate 7 times and can do so in animals. if you feel a strong connection with another person or living thingIt would be a sign of having been linked to them in past lives.

3. Precognition

This is an ability where you can feel things before they happen, like a kind of vision of the future. This ability is evidence that the soul can travel through timeas it has done for many years.

4. Unexplained fears and phobias

Traumatic events, accidents or unresolved situations could have happened to you in past lives. If they have not yet been resolved by your soul, they will express themselves through sudden fears and phobias.

5. Strong attraction to other cultures or historical periods

It is like an obsession for a time that you did not live and you would have liked to be there.

6. You don’t feel comfortable in today’s world

It is a constant feeling of strangeness, nostalgia, not belonging and absence. Instead, you feel comfortable researching historical events.

7. You have déjà vu

The feeling of having experienced a situation twice is known as déjà vu. Some believe it is signal having been at similar times in the past.

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