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How to know if the egg is spoiled: 5 foolproof methods

How to know if the egg is spoiled? There are ways to do this so that you always eat fresh and tasty eggs. Check out.

learn with us how to know if the egg is spoiled and adopt, starting today, these very practical and simple techniques.

The methods that we bring you are used, above all, to date your eggs, that is, to determine their age and to see if they are still fresh or if, on the other hand, they are already in an aging process. This does not always mean that they are unfit for consumption, but there are some signs that they should be ingested as soon as possible.

How to know if the egg is spoiled?

break egg

1. Check the expiration date

To start the list of tips on how to tell if the egg is bad, we start with the most basic method, which is, of course, check the expiry date of eggs.

As a rule, packaged eggs have a shelf life of 30 days, although this does not mean that at the end of that time they are spoiled. What we suggest is that if you have eggs that have expired, use another of the methods below to test whether or not they are still good for consumption.

2. observe

The shell says a lot about the egg, so it’s worth noting. If it is cracked, slimy or dry, it is a sign that bacteria may be present. Thus, it is worth opening the egg and observing the yolk and white.

If you find any coloration in pink, blue, green or black, it is a sign that bacteria have grown in these areas. If the white or yolk runny, it means that the egg is old and its quality has decreased.

3. smell

Yes, smelling is one of the oldest ways to tell if the egg is good or not. Does it seem strange to you? Believe that if an egg is spoiled, its odor is very characteristic – whether raw or cooked. Open the egg, smell it and trust your olfactory abilities.

4. Deposit the egg in water

This is perhaps the best known and most effective way of knowing how the egg is doing. Place the egg in a bowl of water. If it stays on the bottom, it means it’s fresh. If, on the other hand, it keeps tilting up or floating, it’s a sign that it’s already old.

5. Light up the egg

Turning on a light under the eggs is another possible technique. All you need is a very dark room and a small, bright light source, like a small flashlight, for example.

The objective is to hold the light source at the end of the egg. Then you have to tilt it and turn it quickly, from left to right. The egg’s contents will be visible through the shell and you will also be able to see if the egg’s air chamber is small or large. In the case of a fresh egg, it should be about 3.175 mm. The older the egg, the larger this bag, as with aging gases replace the water lost through evaporation.

Eggs are one of the most consumed foods, either as an accompaniment or as an ingredient in cakes or pies. That’s why it’s so important to make sure it’s still in ideal conditions to be consumed, without putting your health at risk.

Put it into practice, starting today, and share with all these methods that show you how to know if the egg is bad. Your health will thank you!

Article originally published November 2021. Updated September 2022.

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