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How to know if the cell phone you bought is stolen • ENTER.CO

Cell phones are very expensive! Surely you have already noticed, so the purchase of second-hand cell phones has increased. Although many of these phones may only have been resold by the first buyer, there is also the possibility that they may have been stolen. And it is that in Colombia we have an average of at least 3,000 cell phones stolen per day, according to Asomóvil.

If you bought a phone and want to rest easy knowing whether or not it was stolen, there are some options that will help you find out. First of all, before moving on to the technological tools that allow you to crack it, we must take into account the logical aspect. That is, if the seller gives you the purchase invoice that also serves as a guarantee, it is most likely not stolen. Clearly, the invoice must be from a cell phone company, chain supermarket or any store certified for the sale of these.


The IMEI is a unique code of each phone, it is like the cell phone ID, each manufacturer is responsible for assigning these numbers, so it will be enough to check through the IMEI if the cell phone was stolen. You will have several ways to know the IMEI of the cell phone. The first will be opening the cell phone, you will see that there is a 15-digit code on the battery, that is the IMEI; in some cases, it will be necessary to remove the battery to find the code. If you are lucky enough to buy the cell phone with its respective box, you will see that on the side of the box there is a code, the IMEI.

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If for some reason the two previous options do not work for you, you can resort to *#06#, once you type it on the telephone keypad, a window with several codes will appear on the screen. The first you see is the IMEI. Now, once you have the unique code of the cell phone, you must enter www.imeicolombia.com; it will be enough for you to register the IMEI to know if it was stolen or not. If the page is not in operation as at the time of writing this note, you must call each operator that operates in the country to find out by cell phone.

You must bear in mind that it will be possible to know if the cell phone was stolen as long as the victim of the theft has made the respective report. Remember that if you are a victim of theft, it is best to report to the police and your mobile operator, where you can report the IMEI of the cell phone.

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