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How to know if someone is using your private Wi-Fi network

If you notice that your Internet is slow, it is possible that someone is accessing your connection. See how to find out if someone is using your Wi-Fi network.

If you notice that your internet is slow (the pages of browser take longer to load, videos on YouTube too and when you watch movies and series online – on Netflix, for example – the image quality is lower) it’s probably because you’re “pirating” on the coast. Is important know if someone is using your private Wi-Fi network.

It is always essential to have your connection protected by a passwordbut it is also important that you change the password that came when you installed the router.

In this way, you will be more likely to prevent neighbors and other people who are close to your equipment from connecting to your network and slowing down the Internet.

Find out how to detect if there are external agents accessing your connection.

Is someone using your Wi-Fi network?

To find out if someone is abusing your private Wi-Fi network, you can use some applications. Get to know the most common ones.

WiFi Inspector

As the name indicates, This one software allows you to have an overview of all the devices that are connected to your network, providing details like device names, IP addresses, etc. This gives you access to a list of “gadgets legitimate” and allows you to easily understand when a strange device is connected to your Internet.

F-Secure Router Checker

This tool does not require download or installation. O F-Secure Router Checker looks for signs that someone is trying to break into your network and lets you know right away.

wireless network watcher

Like Wi-Fi Inspector, This one software makes it possible to search for strange activity on the network, allowing you to monitor all devices that are connected to the Internet. The difference is that it is also compatible with Mac.


This app is more focused on mobile protection. Allows the user to see which devices are connected to the network, what type of equipment they are, the nature of their connection, etc. A Fing it also gives information about times when the connection is busiest, which may indicate that someone else is connected to your network.

It’s not hard to see if someone is using your Wi-Fi network.

Check through the router

Start by making a simple test. Turn off all devices that are usually connected to the network wireless.

Then look at the router and the light that says “WLAN”. If this light keeps flashing, it’s probably because someone unauthorized is using your Internet.

Even so, the most accurate way and that gives you more information about potential network intruders is access the admin panel of the router and see the map of gadgets connected, in order to understand if there is any that you do not know.

By default, typing or 192.168 in the browser can access the panel. But check your router’s instructions for use.

Next, you will be asked for access credentials (username and password), but this varies according to the operators, so you should consult the router’s instruction manual (or the operators’ websites) to find out the credentials.

After entering, you will be able to know which devices are connected. If you haven’t already done so, take the opportunity to change the password of your call (using uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols).

In order to make the connection even more secure, you can also make the router only accept the connection of devices that are previously approved by you through the MAC (Media Access Control) address.

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