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How to install water purifier in the kitchen?

O water purifier It is a piece of equipment responsible for providing more health and safety for the family. It has long durability and removes excess chlorine from the water, in addition to other impurities and bacteria that harm the liquid.

The purifier leaves the water free of impurities and bacteria. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

All about water purifiers

You purification devices work attached to the faucet or plumbing. They have a pump capable of pressurizing the water and stopping small particles through a combination of filtering elements.

Whoever has a house supplied by artesian wells should bet on buying a purifier🇧🇷 The equipment will make up for the lack of prior water control.

The only downside of invest in a purifier it’s the price. The value can be three times higher than the traditional water filter.

The purifier must have the Inmetro seal. (Photo: Disclosure)

For choose the ideal water purifierit is necessary to consider some factors, such as the credibility of the brand and the Inmetro seal.

Among the main water purifier manufacturersit is worth mentioning Consul, Philips, Lorenzetti, Electrolux, Latina, Europa and Soft.

Purifiers are relying on advanced technologies and new functions. There is already, for example, equipment in which the faucet and the purifier form a single piece. Others are able to indicate the need to change the refill.

How to install the water purifier in the kitchen?

Installation can be done using the pipe. (Photo: Disclosure)

After buy a water purifier, it is common for consumers to be in doubt about the installation. If it fails to install based on the manufacturer’s instructions, it is necessary to hire a specialized professional.

Check out the step-by-step below install a water purifier in the kitchen, using the pipe🇧🇷

1. Close the valve that controls the flow of the water outlet.

two. The purifier installation location must be at least 3m and at most 40m below the water tank.

3. check the water outlet point🇧🇷 If necessary, use thread sealing tape on the pipe where the purifier will be installed to prevent leakage.

4. Connect the purifier hose to the connection.

5. Open the register to release the water flow.

6. Check once more that there are no leaks.

7. Ready! Installation is complete.

important notes

• The purifier can be installed more easily in the tap water outlet🇧🇷

• Before starting to consume purified water, it is necessary to let it drain for 5 minutes. This care helps to eliminate any charcoal residues.

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