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How to install glass shelf?

Shelves are fundamental pieces for the home, especially when it comes to small environments. They save space, help organize the home and also allow you to expose objects for the decoration to look more beautiful.

The glass shelf is sophisticated and clean. (Photo: Disclosure)

There are many models of shelves available on the market, which vary with regard to material, size, thickness and style. Among the pieces that most contribute to the visual language of the environments, it is worth highlighting the glass shelf.

What this article covers:

THE glass shelf it looks good in every room in the house, especially in the bathroom, living room and bedroom. The colorless pieces are even more favourable, after all, the transparency contributes to the sensation of spaciousness of the areas.

Versatile and imposing, the glass shelf can be adapted for any residential environment, but it can also be used in setting up a commercial establishment.

In addition to perfectly fulfilling the function of holding objects, glass shelves make spaces charming, light and sophisticated. As the material is transparent, it allows you to make several combinations without fear of going overboard.

Glass shelves need to be securely attached to the wall. (Photo: Disclosure)

Glass shelf installation

Check out the following step by step to install glass shelf🇧🇷

1. Clean the wall where the shelf will be installed, removing all dust.

2. Use a pencil to mark the exact place where the part will be attached.

3. Before putting the drill to work, it is important to use a level to check that the shelf will not be crooked.

4. Drill the holes with a drill. Remember that the drill needs to match the size of the dowels.

5. After fixing the bracket with screws and plugsfits and glass shelf.

6. To finish the installation, clean the shelf with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Thicker glass can withstand a heavier load. (Photo: Disclosure)


• O tempered glass it is the best material to manufacture shelves, after all, it offers safety, resistance and durability.

• O glass shelf support It can be made of metal or wood.

• Glass pieces are safer when they have rounded edges.

• O thicker glass supports heavier loads, but becomes more visible in decoration.

• If the glass shelf is thin and discreet, it is essential not to exaggerate the amount of exposed objects.

• At the time to install the shelfit is recommended not to try to cut the tempered glass, otherwise the material will suffer irreversible damage.

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