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How to increase the size of an image online without losing quality • ENTER.CO

Surely it has happened to you: you are looking for an image online to put in the background of your PC, put in your video or simply use in a gallery. And when they finally find this image of your dreams…it turns out to be a small size. Of course, you can increase its dimensions… if you want to end up with a pixelated mess. What can you do? The solution is quite simple: you just have to scale the image to increase the size.

Of course, today you can find different apps and services that allow you to scale images. However, at ENTER.CO today we want to highlight one that caught our attention for three reasons: it’s online (meaning you don’t have to download something and it works for you on the go), it’s free (because the economy doesn’t scale too the budget) and works using artificial intelligence: Upscaler.

The page is part of a Ukrainian company that focuses on online solutions that use AI to offer alternatives in image design and editing.

The process is fairly simple. All you have to do is go to this link.

Then on this banner you need to drag the image you want to scale.

You should keep in mind that the AI ​​of the site will take the dimensions of the image and then increase it four times, in case you want to get some specific size (or so that you can later crop it using other tools). The maximum file size you can scale is 5MB or 1200 x 1200 size. Files can only be JPG or PNG so if you have a Webp file or some other format you will need to use a second application to modify it (for example, Photoscape).

The process takes a few minutes, after which you can download the image by clicking the button that will appear

Here is a comparison of how the image originally looks.


With the scaled version using upscale to increase the size.


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