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How to increase the effectiveness of quartz: the 5 simplest techniques

Quartz can help us attract clarity, serenity, balance, and security into our lives. There are many varieties, each of which is used for a specific purpose, for example, pink crystals for love, black tourmaline to transmute negative energy or amethyst to regulate chakras, etc. If you have ever turned to these minerals and consider They did not have the effects you wanted, perhaps it is because they need an energetic cleaning.

Regardless of the quartz you prefer and how you use it, because you can have it raw or in bracelets, earrings or jewelry, each of them must be purified periodically to recharge it with energy and increase its effectiveness.

According to experts on the subject, crystals can “get stuck” when they run out of energy. Think that it is similar to when we saturated the memory of our cell phone; we need to remove things to have more space. That’s how quartz is, but they get saturated with the vibes they absorb from us.

Next, we review 5 very simple techniques to clean your quartz and increase its effectiveness.

1. Cleaning with incense or smoke

Light an incense of lavender, sage, palo santo or some sweet herb and pass it through the quartz for 30 seconds, explained the Suggest.com site. Imagine that all the negative that the quartz absorbed is “floating” with the smoke that the incense emits.

2. Baths with water and salt

Salt water is one of the best ways to “cure” quartz. The ideal is to bathe them in the sea, but not all of them have the advantage of living on the coast. If this is your case, fill a pitcher with purified water and add a generous tablespoon of sea or coarse salt. Mix and put your quartz there and leave them for 15 minutes. Just remember that not all minerals need to be in contact with water.

3. Full moon baths

The new moon represents the beginnings and the full moon the endings. But beyond its symbolism, during the full moon phases our natural satellite shines bright and in all its splendor, which is why it is believed to be when it projects all its powers. This is the right time to charge your quartz, you just need to leave them on a surface where they receive the moonlight for a whole night and remove them the next morning before the sun’s rays hit.

4. The purifying power of the earth

Let’s remember that quartz comes from the bowels of our planet, so one of the ways to clean it and increase its effectiveness is to bury it. You can do it in your garden or a pot, but you must leave them for at least 24 hours.

5. Use your own energy

You will have to place yourself in a comfortable place and where no one will interrupt you. Take the quartz in your hands, close your eyes and focus on the shape of your mineral. Imagine that a ball of white light grows in your chest and you push it towards your quartz. Finish this process when you feel ready.

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