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How to increase the credit card limit? Check out some tips!

The credit card has the proposal to make life easier by supporting us when we don’t have a certain amount in debt to pay a bill or to buy something we need/want.

Despite being a common payment method in everyday life, many people still do not understand how the credit card limit works.

In this article we will show you what it is, how it works and what you can do to guarantee that limit increase! Or even your first. Check it out below.

What this article covers:

What is the Credit Card limit and how does it work?

The credit that is available on your credit card is the amount that the card-issuing bank has made available for the account holder to use. Briefly, it is the total amount of credit that can be spent in the month.

That is, it is allowed to make purchases that reach this amount until the closing day of the invoice, and soon after, it is necessary to pay what was spent for the previous month so that the total limit is reestablished.

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It also allows you to pay in installments for your purchases in the long term and not have to pay cash at the time of purchase.

But when purchasing in installments, the total limit can be deducted in two ways.

Let’s consider that you have a limit of 2,000 reais, and you want to pay in installments a television for 1,200 reais.

The first way is to deduct the amount spent on the purchase from the total limit, thus leaving 800 reais available, and the amount will be progressively reestablished as the installments are paid.

The second way does not occupy the total limit of the card. Only the monthly installment amount will be deducted.

If you bought just the television in 12 installments of 100 reais on the card, every month 100 reais will be deducted from your total limit. That leaves 1,900 reais for you to use.

Credit Card Limits: What the Experts Say

According to Abecs, there are some key tips to use your credit card in the best possible way and thus avoid the possible (and tragic) “snowball” effect of the card bill! Check it out below:

  • Pay attention to the due date of the invoice, and pay the entire amount on the correct date so as not to risk paying interest and getting stuck in debt;
  • Choose your card based on your lifestyle and income;
  • When in doubt whether to buy something or not, check first if the invoice is already closed. That way, you will have more time to pay.
  • Check all invoice purchases before paying, if you have any purchases that you have not authorized, contact your bank.

These are simple tips that you should follow to use your card in the best way possible.

Check out tips on how to increase your credit card limit?

The credit limit is determined by calculating each individual’s income and payment history.

To increase your limit, you must start paying your invoice on the correct day and use the total available limit. After following these steps, you can speak to your manager and ask for a new credit analysis.

This way, the movement of the bank account will be analyzed and soon after, they will inform you whether or not they can increase your limit.

Can I buy beyond the Card Credit limit?

Yup. It is possible to buy above the credit limit through the emergency credit assessment.

However, this option does not guarantee that you will be able to make a purchase that exceeds your card limit, and you may still be charged a fee for this service.

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