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How to improve your reading pace

Many people, whether they are intellectuals or not, love readinglove learning new content through good reading, and also getting in touch with new stories and informationafter all, reading can become a super beneficial habit that even improves your cognition and even speed of logic and learning. You knew!?

To make you even more interested in this world of books and also give you those important tips for improve your reading pace?? We prepared this complete post, with tricks to improve and perform better:

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See tips on what you need to do to learn to read more and better

There are speed reading techniques that help people read faster, but they don’t improve comprehension after all. compression It is a factor that varies from person to person, being something very individual.

According to studies, a call rhythm normal is to read from 200 to 400 words per minute, this compression reaches 60% of what is read. A more practical and fast reader, reads equivalent to 400 to 700 words per minute.

Here are tips on how to read more, understand more and beyond all the benefits that reading can bring to your everyday life:

1. Read books about genres you are interested in

It is always important to read about subjects and genres that you are really interested in the subject or subject, after all, through this subject being something more instigating and interesting for you and your mind.

It automatically increases your desire to unravel the story more, read more, and above all, pay attention about this content, which is very important to improve your reading, in terms of speed and even in the exercises of “understanding” and “absorption” of the content read.

2. Create reading habits and moments just to practice

Set schedules, for example, 30 minutes for daily readings it is essential to learn to have practices that facilitate reading to become a good habit in your everyday life.

Another good tactic is, for example, to read at least 1 book per month, even if they are, smaller books of few pagesthis habit during a year for example makes 1 individual have read 12 books, in 2 years, for example, 24 books.

3. Make reading a relaxing time

All the good habits that we really like, must be associated with good moments in our daily lives, and a good strategy to leave reading in your life, with that taste of “wonderful moment” is to associate it with what you really like to do in your day to day.

For example, how about taking a warm shower, putting on comfortable clothes, your favorite pajamas, sitting in your soft armchair, making coffee, a snack that you love and sitting down for a moment to read a book that interests you.

This whole scenario creates a very comfortable plot in your mind and makes reading become a happy and relaxing part of your day. Not an obligation.

The same strategy can be used for study moments, associating them with moments pleasures of your daily life.

4. Start with simple books

Starting to read a book with a cultured, formal language or even the Holy Bible may not be the best option since the language is quite philosophical, ancient and formal.

Classics with informal language, books with a more objective and fluid reading are good options to start in this world, in addition to understanding the content in an easier way too. In addition to opting for those books with a few pages, and even reading 1 or more times, it can be great to get used to the habit and absorb everything that has been read.

Discover 8 benefits of reading that will make a difference in your life

To discover the main benefits that the habit of reading can bring to your life, both academic and everyday, we have brought some of them, in the following list:

  • You will have in your mind a storage of important content, which gives you a repertoire for both knowledge and exchange of ideas and information with other people;
  • Develop your analytical thinking about world issues, based on diverse points of view, keeping in mind that you read a lot, and retain information;
  • Develops your logical reasoning and also cognition in general;
  • Decreases stress levels gradually, over the long term;
  • Much richer, smarter and more strategic vocabulary;
  • Understand more about the types of languages ​​and when they should or should not be used;
  • Creativity becomes an exercise in your life, as books bring a good apparatus, which helps to develop creativity and generate new ideas;
  • It helps in a better argument when necessary, using methods, since reading helps to better build sentences, ideas, thoughts and opinions;
  • Improves the ability to interpret texts, opinions, stories and general information;

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