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How to host an Easter party for kids

How to host an Easter party for kids?This is a very common question among parents and teachers, who want to provide their little ones with an unforgettable experience on that date. The celebration is always very happy, colorful and fun.

How to organize an Easter party for children. (Photo: Reproduction/FreeImages)

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How to host an Easter party for kids

On March 27th, it will be Easter Sunday, where rebirth will be the main theme of this celebration, regardless of the religion of each family. It is part of the Easter tradition to exchange chocolate eggs, and it is this part of the celebration where children have the most fun. If you really want to make the little ones happy, how about organizing a real party? Look how to set up an easter party for kids.

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Details make the difference

Environment decorated for a children’s Easter party. (Photo: Reproduction/FreeImages)

The kids love chocolate, so an Easter get-together with friends is a must. If you don’t know how to put together an Easter party for the kids, consider our tips:


The first part of preparing for that special day can be decorating. Boiled chicken eggs painted in bright colors can help to decorate the party space. Glasses with jelly beans, gummy candies, lollipops and chocolates can be part of the table. Drawings of bunnies and carrots in EVA also add a special touch.

Decorate with rabbits, of all sizes (Photo: Reproduction/FreeImages)

Table decorated for Easter (Photo: Reproduction/FreeImages)

Abuse the colors! (Photo: Reproduction/FreeImages)


In addition to the foods that are part of the Easter decoration, it is possible to prepare typical dishes for this occasion. Starter plates can be as colorful as the rest of the festivities. Rice with vegetables, roast meat and salads with different colors are a great option. Colomba, which is part of the tradition of many countries, can be purchased in supermarkets or pastry shops or prepared at home, there are recipes on the internet. Cakes with drawings of rabbits and chocolate eggs can also spice up the food table.

Chocolate lollipops decorated with bunnies (Photo: Reproduction/FreeImages)

Everything must look like Easter (Photo: Reproduction/FreeImages)


There’s no way to have a children’s party without games. Treasure hunting is the most traditional of Easter activities. Hide small chocolate eggs around the house and give the little ones a maximum of time to find the goodies.

However, if you like more fun, organize a scavenger hunt. Put a sack race between games, making references to the rabbit. You can also organize a competition where the little ones take boiled chicken eggs in spoons being held by the mouth. Whoever arrives at the finish point first wins. Unleash your imagination and create games, ensuring the joy of the children.

The chocolates can be hidden so that children can play treasure hunt (Photo: Reproduction/FreeImages)

Rabbit costumes are also popular with children.(Photo: Reproduction/FreeImages)

Now that you know how to put together an Easter party for children, start organizing the details of the event in advance. Assemble the guest list and a list of preparations. Want more tips for enjoying Easter? Check out our other articles on this and many other subjects, stay well informed here at Mundo das Tribos!

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