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How to hide your cell phone number from an iPhone • ENTER.CO

Private numbers are those phone numbers that remain hidden from the receiver of a call. These types of calls, which can be configured from the same devices, make it impossible for a person to discover the identity of who is on the other side of the line, before answering.

Most smartphones, regardless of their operating system, have options to prevent your line number from being displayed on someone’s screen. If you are an iOS user, we will tell you how you can activate this function on your iPhone.

How to hide your iPhone ID permanently

A phone’s ID is the same number as the line that is associated with that single device. To hide it from all calls you make from your iPhone, you need to go to your device’s Settings and select the ‘Phone’ option. When you are inside that section, touch the option ‘Show my caller ID’ and proceed to deactivate that function by dragging the slider that you will see on the screen.

There are several theories on the Internet that claim there is a method to hide your line on private calls by typing the code #31# followed by the contact’s number. However, this information is false, or at least not valid for all operators in Colombia, which are responsible for enabling this mode.

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Just as there are ways to configure a smartphone to hide its ID, there are options that allow the receiver’s cell phone to reveal the number of a private line. On some Android devices, for example, there is a section in the Settings of certain phones dedicated to changing SIM information settings.

In the ‘Connections’ or ‘SIM Management’ section, users can activate the ‘Show all hidden numbers’ option, which is found in the ‘Private Calls’ section.

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