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How to hide old posts on Facebook

It has been one of the biggest problems of those who use the social network for several years. Learn how to hide old posts on Facebook.

Facebook is an excellent tool for saving memories, but sometimes it can save posts of which we are ashamed. Photos, music, opinion shares… everything can be hidden, not least because no one is free to share embarrassing content. learn to hide old posts on facebook in a simple and fast way.

Learn how to hide old posts on Facebook

To hide posts on Facebook is not such a difficult task. On the contrary, it’s even something quite easy to do and just follow a few small steps within the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg.

Hide posts one by one

1. Access Facebook;

two. Access your profile within the social network;

3. Click on the bottom right corner, where it says “Activity Record”, to access it;

4. In the “Activity Log” you can find all the information that the user can permanently delete or just hide. On the left side of the screen are the options that can be edited – Publications; Publications in which the user was identified; Photos and videos; Comments… Select the one you want;

5. Several years appear on the right side of the screen. Select the year of the publication you want to hide on Facebook and search for it. Then, just set the privacy of the same and hide the posts whatever.

hide all at once

1. Go to Facebook settings;

two. On the right side of the screen, click on Privacy;

3. One of the options allows you to “Limit the audience of posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or audience”. In front, “Limit old posts” appears – just click on this option;

4. When clicking on this option, a brief explanation of everything that will happen if the user decides to proceed appears. At the end of this text appears the option to limit old publications, making them only accessible to friends.

But beware: this option to limit all posts at once does not allow you to set the privacy of a post to “Just me”. For that you will have to do it one by one.

Hide or delete?

hide old facebook posts

There are differences between hiding and eliminating information. The user may choose to delete the posts and “clean up” once and for all the wall he has in order to never come across that embarrassing post again. However, this will not allow the user to have access to that publication in the future and that is the big difference between these two options.

If you want to choose to hide old posts on Facebook, you can go back to these whenever you want. If, on the other hand, you choose to delete it, you will never have access to the publication again and you will be deleting a “piece of history” and a memory that you can laugh at one day.

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