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How to hide blemishes and pimples with makeup

Sometimes perfect skin is just an illusion. Find out how to quickly and easily hide blemishes and pimples with make-up.

It’s possible to look fabulous if you know how hide blemishes and pimples with makeup.

If there are some women with naturally beautiful and cared for skinthere are also many who suffer from imperfections – and, yes, it is possible that you have already come across several and not even noticed.

Even celebrities, who always appear perfect on social media and in magazines, have to overcome days when their skin is not as perfect as they would like.

If you also suffer from acne breakouts or blemishes on your skin and want to have a dream complexion, don’t worry. We’re going to reveal you some tricks that help you create the illusion of radiant skin, effortlessly.

But keep in mind that, despite makeup being a great ally of our self-esteem, you should always maintain a proper skin care routine.

So, no matter if you have skin with marks and blemishes, or smooth and uniform skin, it is essential to wash, tone and moisturize every day with products specific to your skin type.

More than an aesthetic issue, taking care of the skin is also a health issue.

5 tricks you have to know

Before you start applying any make-up product to your face, the first step is always to apply a primer. This is a product that helps to even out the skin texture and create a smooth and soft skin effect.

So, if you have skin with imperfections, the primer becomes even more essential, because it will be the main responsible for, at first, giving uniformity to the skin.

Don’t dismiss it because it makes all the difference in the final makeup result.


Make the color correction

If you want to disguise the spots, pimples and marks on the skin, know that after the primer, what you should do is a color correction.

So, if the spots and pimples are red, use a green corrector on top of them, in order to neutralize the color. But, if it is a darker brand, the ideal is to bet on an orange concealer or in peach tones.

If you already have yellow spots, the application of a violet corrector is inevitable.

The idea at this first moment is to neutralize the tones of spots and pimples, in order to even out the general tone of the skin.


Apply a light layer of concealer

Once the imperfections have been neutralized, it’s time to use the corrector that matches your skin color. Apply a very thin layer with a brush on top of the blemishes and pimples, then set everything with a translucent powder.

But, of course, be light-handed when applying the products. The idea is to achieve a natural and flawless finish, and not look like you have plaster on your face.

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Prefer moisturizing foundations

With the imperfections disguised, it’s time to apply the foundation. Do it in light, circular motions and build patiently. Ideally, you should choose a moisturizing foundation with a natural finish.

This is because this type of foundation helps to keep the skin’s hydration levels at optimal levels, without making the complexion look dry and imperfections stand out.

Remember that the idea is to look like you have perfect skin, without kilos of makeup.


Draw attention to other parts of the face

Once this is done, all that remains is to draw attention to other parts of the face. So, you can either bet on a well-crafted or smoky eye, or on colored lips.

The idea is that the skin does not have the main role, in order to create the illusion that it is more perfect than it really is.

Indeed, this is a trick that is often used and that always works, as people tend to focus their attention on what arouses their interest first.

As you can see, disguising blemishes and pimples with make-up is really easy. Put these tips into practice now and feel even more beautiful in your own skin.

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