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How to hide a contact on whatsapp

For whatever reason, you may not want the person next to you to see who you are talking to. We teach you how to hide a contact on Whatsapp.

if you use the Whatsappyou will already know that any contact that you have saved in your phonebook and that therefore has an account in that messaging platform, will be automatically added. Learn, therefore, what to do to hide these names and hide a contact on whatsapp.

Privacy: how to hide a contact on whatsapp

Whether one or several, it’s relatively simple to hide a person’s name on WhatsApp. Let’s say that, in practice, you don’t need to delete the contacts from that platform one by one if you don’t want to have them memorized there, because you can hide them instead.

Let’s say that, contrary to what was described above, you don’t even mind having all the contacts in your phone book stored in WhatsApp. what i would really like to do to avoid is for “other people’s eyes” to see who you are talking to.

As it is enough for a given contact to have a WhatsApp account to be automatically added to their own agenda, it becomes difficult to omit that person’s identity. Yes, you can assign it a nicknamefor example, but this may still raise some suspicion.

There is a simpler way to hide a contact and still being able to have a conversation with that person without knowing their identity. want to have one iPhone or an Android, the process is the same and it’s actually quite simple – so you don’t need software or external apps.

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Although the application itself does not allow you to talk to an “unnamed” contact, there is a little trick you can do in your phone’s calendar. In fact, all you have to do is access your contact list and select the one(s) whose name you want to hide on WhatsApp.

To do this, just add the sign “+” before the respective phone number so that, once on WhatsApp, only the number of the person concerned appears – and never their name (in this case, the one associated with your phone book ).

If, after saving the changes made, you open WhatsApp again, you will notice that the name of the person(s) with whom you have a conversation no longer appears, and their phone number appears instead – preceded by the “+” sign and, most likely, by the Portugal code (351).

This is a very simple trick to implement and it can save you some headaches. In this way, you can easily keep your conversations anonymous so that no one has undue knowledge of the people you are talking to.

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