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How to Have More Visibility on the Site or E-commerce?

Do you have a website or e-commerce and can’t get engagement? Do you want to attract more visits or boost sales and don’t know how? Know the reasons and what to do to change this situation.

There was already a growing movement in the entry of professionals and companies in search of a digital presence. However, social networks, confinement due to the pandemic and the advancement of technology increasingly aimed at facilitating everyday life through the use of the internet, especially on smartphones, has accelerated the need to be in the virtual world to succeed in the enterprise, each more and more.

In any sector that one is not familiar with, it is natural to need the help of a professional in the area to be aware of the paths to follow. And this would not be different in the digital world with the kickoff in website creation – your address and, why not, your “home” on the internet.

It is on your website that the user and potential customer will be informed about you: your proposal, products and services.

Faced with several ready-made, easy options at varying prices, what few people know is that creating a website can be done with a good “foundation” to be more optimized to engage in the future with the consultancy of the seo specialist??

But do you know what SEO is? O seo specialist is the professional dedicated to knowing Google’s parameters, trends and algorithms. In this way, it is possible that since the creation of the site, it is better suited to respond to these requirements, making your site stay in the Google’s first organic search results – thus bringing more engagement.

What this article covers:

Why Hire an SEO Specialist?

With the use of appropriate tools, the seo expert it corrects the flaws that are pointed out, as well as, it is possible to measure what is being leveraged on your website (and on that of competitors too!), according to each segment. The pages and keywords that are being of interest to the public.

It is what it is keyword??

This is yet another benefit of hiring an SEO specialist. Segment keyword research is essential to drive engagement.

Working on obvious keywords can take a while to bring results, such as “fashion” for a clothing e-commerce. Through the tools that the SEO specialist has access to, it is possible to check the words of interest that are being sought in searches.

An example of this is the growth of the word “endometriosis”, after the singer Anitta declared that she suffered from this disease. With the high demand, the sites that previously worked on this keyword had better results. performance on the results and benefited from the engagement brought by the artist.

But it is not possible to rely on luck to optimize the site. The job of a good professional is to study what is being demanded for certain categories.

We can also cite examples that are not so easy to observe, such as measuring the speed of the site, that is, the response time. The tendency is that a slow site, which takes a long time to load the page and images, causes the user to lose interest in staying on it.

Want more? At constant updates of Google codes may cause your website to be affected and not function properly in the future. One more reason to rely on the SEO specialist, who will be responsible for correcting and keeping the site up to date.

Are Social Media Enough?

The answer is no. Here’s a tip, it’s good to take advantage of all engagement on the social network and convert that reach outside of it, on the website. There are successful profiles that surf the good wave of social media and forget to build something solid out of this environment.

However, one cannot forget that social networks cease to be attractive at some point, as happened with Snapchat, Orkut and what is now happening with Facebook.

Studies point out that it only takes one generation to change the profile of users, a natural tendency in the behavior of younger people to reject what their parents adopt, judging it outdated and looking for something new.

Another reason is the change in guidelines as Instagram recently announced. To compete with Tik Tok, the priority of videos in the delivery of users’ feeds was announced.

If you noticed that, suddenly, the likes, comments and reach of what is posted have decreased, you should be aware of the fact that everything there is from Mark Zuckerberg. He owns the ball and the game ends when he wants to… So, take advantage of the good engagement and build something solid and yours.


It could be your fault. You need to check a number of factors in your company, product or service that can affect good performance. If there are failures in the production process, delivery, service or quality, there will be no professional capable of performing a miracle.

The new order is to allow the user to share experiences through reviews?? Good ratings are great for giving credibility to other users and a bad rating can affect your company for a long time.

Make a sincere self-criticism and, if feasible, count on a good consultancy to align your product or service in the market. If your capital doesn’t allow it, you can create satisfaction surveys or polls yourself through online forms and initiate the necessary changes.

Search and count on professionals capable of helping to increase the visibility of your website or e-commerce. The important thing is not to get discouraged and know that there are resources to make your venture grow, before giving up on your dream.

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