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How to get voter registration online

Learn how to get your voter registration card online and have the right to vote on election day.

The Electoral Justice launched yet another initiative aimed at improving the services offered to Brazilian voters. Since July 6, 2009, the Título Net project has allowed citizens to initiate, via the Internet, applications for electoral registration, transfer of domicile and review of registration data. The system also allows online updating of electoral obligations.

You can register your Voter Title online in an easy and fast way (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

How to get voter registration online

The objective is to modernize and facilitate access to these services, speeding up service at the electoral registries, where the process is completed. It is also expected to reduce data transcription errors, since the changes will be made by the voter himself and checked by an attendant.

After making the request via the Internet, voters must attend the Electoral Justice service units, armed with the required documentation, to complete the requested services and receive the title. In case of non-attendance of the citizen, the request will be invalidated.

The TSE informs that the protocol issued does not prove the regularity of registration or electoral discharge. The document informs only the number and date of the request and is issued only to speed up service at the Electoral Justice unit.

What is the Voter ID?

Voter title is the document that proves that a given citizen is registered with the Electoral Justice of Brazil and is able to exercise both the active electorate (voting for a candidate) and the passive electorate (being voted as a candidate) in municipal and state elections. and federal. It is also a fundamental condition for obtaining it that the voter has Brazilian nationality.

The voter registration card is a computer-printed document, which contains the name of the voter, date of birth, Federation Unit, municipality, polling zone and polling station where the citizen votes, voter registration number, date of issue. , the election judge’s signature, the voter’s signature or his thumbprint (if he is illiterate).

The document is mandatory for all citizens over 18 and optional for those between 16 and 18, or over 70. The title is also optional for illiterate citizens.

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Canceled title can cause problems

The voter who does not have the title, or if it has been cancelled, cannot request the issuance of a passport or CPF card, as well as enroll in a public tender, renew registration in official educational establishments and obtain loans from banks. federal and state economics.

Check out other services for the Voter Title:

Internet registration to obtain the Voter Title

Until the 2008 elections, the presentation of the electoral card was not necessary to vote. For voters who were regularly registered with the Electoral Court, it was enough to present an identity document with a photo in the corresponding section.

And to facilitate the registration of your voter registration it can now be ordered over the internet. See how you can register voter registration online. You only need to access the website of TSE and do the schedule to make your title for the first time or register your Title online for the next elections.

To request the registration of your title, you need to fill in some data on the website and confirm your application, which must be printed and delivered to the electoral office closest to your home, all within 5 working days, the application must be signed.

In addition to your application, you must have these documents in hand:

  • Original RG or birth or marriage certificate (the National Driver’s License is not valid).
  • Proof of address (electricity, bank, telephone bill, among others… as long as it contains your full name and address, the bill must also be recent).
  • For men between 18 and 45 years old, proof of discharge from military service is required.

On the site, in addition to your registration, you can clarify questions about the title and election days.

How to download the Voter Title Online application

Want to make your life easier? To download the e-Title just follow the steps below:

  • Search for e-Title in PlayStore and on Apple Store (IOS);
  • Download the app for free;
  • Fill in the requested information, such as: full name, date of birth, type of document (CPF or voter registration card), mother’s name (if applicable) and father’s name (if applicable);
  • Answer the personal questionnaire;
  • Create your six-digit password;
  • Ready, your e-Title is created.

How to use the e-Title application

Bear in mind that it is now possible to vote with the e-Title without the need for an official photo ID, as long as the voter has already done so. biometric reregistration and the app has photo.

In addition, the application also gives complete information of the electoral zone and section and the exact voting location of the voter.

Another benefit of the e-Título is the option to justify the voter’s absence on the polling day (from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm) using the cell phone’s geolocator, to prove that the voter is outside the electoral domicile. After the election, it will also be possible to justify absence for other reasons by attaching supporting documents in the application itself.

Using the digital title replaces the printed electoral title and eliminates the need to print a duplicate. You can also keep up-to-date with the Electoral Court and consult debts: voters can issue payment slips for the most common debts with the Electoral Court;

Finally, the application allows the voter to register as a volunteer pollster. And the voter will be able to issue the certificates of electoral discharge and electoral crimes through the application.

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