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How to get the perfect base – here are the makeup artist’s 4 best tips

Putting on a nice base make-up doesn’t have to be complicated – with four well-chosen products you have everything you need to make your skin look perfect. Here are the expert’s tips for an even and nice base.

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Primer, foundation, concealer and powder form the building blocks for a stylish base. Here’s everything you need to know about how to achieve a perfect base makeup.

1. Primer

It’s been said before and we’ll say it again: It’s a crime not to prime! The reason a primer makes such a big difference to the look of your foundation is that it smooths out everything from fine lines to pores and dry and uneven areas, creating an even surface for your foundation.

In other words, your base will look significantly better if you use a primer – and as a bonus, your makeup will last throughout the day.

2. Foundation

The main reason we use foundation is to even out skin tone. Different foundations have different degrees of coverage – that is, how much the product covers. How much coverage you need depends on your taste, so it’s a matter of trying it out.

Which type of foundation suits you also depends on your skin type:

  • Normal to dry skin: A BB cream, CC cream or colored day cream is often enough for everyday use.
  • Oily skin: An oil-free version with a higher degree of coverage is the best choice because it provides a smoother surface with subdued shine.

Tip: Best results are achieved by applying foundation with a moistened makeup sponge or a so-called foundation brush. You can also use the heat from your hands and pat the base in – easily and quickly!

3. Concealer

Sometimes more coverage is needed than a foundation can offer, and this is where the next building block in the base comes in – concealer. Here’s how to choose between creamy, firm, and liquid concealer:

  • Dark circles under the eyes – try a liquid light-reflecting concealer that brightens without looking cakey.
  • Red dots, pigment spots or pimples – try a creamy or solid concealer, preferably a yellow or green-toned one.

For dark circles under the eyes, it is recommended to apply concealer after foundation, otherwise the result will easily be that you use too much product.

If, on the other hand, you are going to cover up an angry red pimple – or something else that requires high coverage – you may need to apply concealer both before and after foundation.

4. Powder

Like a primer, a powder helps your makeup last longer. A powder also mattifies and smoothes the skin. Here are the expert’s tips regarding powder:

  • Powder a little extra around the eyes and nose – the base is easier to release around these areas.
  • Do you think that powder often gives an impression of too much make-up, or that it often settles into fine lines? Then choose a loose powder.
  • If you like to touch up the powder during the day, a compact powder is recommended.

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