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How to get the digital ID • ENTER.CO

In order to streamline processes and taking advantage of information and communication technologies, the National Registry established the digital ID. With this digital document you will be able to access services and products much more easily, since it will always be hosted on the internet; It will even serve you in several countries as a passport. It should be clarified that, although the document remains digital, you must request it and pay for it as a physical ID.

The process to request the document is similar to the physical document. The first thing you should do is go to the registry’s website and go to the ‘digital ID’ section or go directly to this link. The first thing you will see is a note that explains about data protection; Once you have read the information and agree with it, press “accept”. Now, the page redirects you to the form where you must fill in your basic information such as name, identity document, date of issue and email. When you finish the form, click ‘Continue’.

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You will see that the page again asks for your full name and identity document to continue with the process. The page will show you the available dates to attend the appointment where you will claim the document; Once you have selected the day and time you can continue with the payment of the document. The page shows you the payment receipt which you must make in the authorized banks before attending the appointment. The price of the document at this time is $55,750 Colombian pesos.

You must bear in mind that the digital ID works like the physical ID. In other words, all public and private organizations are obliged to accept this new certificate. But, for the moment, the digital ID is not mandatory for Colombians, only those who wish to use it. The registry informs that the two versions of the identity card are delivered, first the physical version and later the digital one.

Image: Registrar

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