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How to get rid of mold at home

O mold is a problem cIt is common in houses and tends to interfere in the lives of residents. It mainly affects cabinets and walls, settling in spaces affected by moisture. With the constant rains that plague Brazilian cities, the incidence of mold becomes even greater.

Mold is a type of fungus that is harmful to health.

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Mold is a type of fungus

Considered a type of fungus, mold compromises not only the decoration of the residence, but also threatens people’s health. Depending on the type of mold that grows inside the house, it can cause allergic flare-ups and skin damage. In dark, damp environments, mold has the incredible ability to multiply.

mold on the wall

Mold contributes to allergic crises. (Photo: Disclosure)

1. Try to constantly clean the cabinets, using a damp cloth to eliminate the dirt impregnated in the partitions. It is important to let the inside of the furniture dry before putting the utensils and food away again. To improve the cleaning effect, use the mixture of water and bleach to moisten the cloth.

two. Mold is also usually present on the walls, creating dark spots in some points of the vertical space. To solve the problem, it is necessary to evaluate possible infiltrations that may be causing the problem.

use a cloth dampened with water and bleach to remove part of the stains that compromise the wall. There is not always the possibility of containing the proliferation of mold, so it is recommended to arrange the furniture in the rooms at least five centimeters away from the wall.

3. Drawers are constantly compromised by mold, especially when they integrate the structure of old furniture. To prevent mold from multiplying, it is recommended to leave a piece of chalk inside the drawer. The technique promises to reduce the unpleasant smell of the fungus and still combat humidity.

4. Mold can compromise garments that are stored in the wardrobe. In this way, it is essential to take some care when organizing items that are not used so often. First of all, avoid storing clothes in plastic bags, this tends to increase the proliferation of mold.

cleaning with gloves

Use a cloth dampened with water and bleach to remove mold from floors or walls. (Photo: Disclosure)

When clothes have already been affected by mold, it is recommended to put into practice some cleaning tips that solve the problem. In the case of white pieces, it is worth soaking them in bleach. A few drops of lemon will make it easier to remove the mold that has affected colored clothes.

Clean house without mold

Clean environment without traces of mold (Photo: Disclosure)

mold free house

A mold-free house is more pleasant, airy and does not compromise air circulation. So take advantage of the tips to end mold.

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