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How to get rid of advertising calls and texts? • ENTER.CO

It is common that at any time of the day (or night) you receive a text message or robocalls with some advertising. In addition to the discomfort, you are left with the question “how did they get my data?” Next we are going to indicate what you should do to get rid of these annoying communications, making use of the right of habeas data.

Perhaps a private entity or company offers you its services because you once shared your data with them and you do not remember it. But don’t worry, whenever you want you can make use of your right to “manage, correct or delete” your data from the company’s databases. So pay attention that we are going to give you the ideas of how to do it. Decree 1377 of 2013, with which the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data was partially regulated, gives us an idea of ​​how to carry out this process. In article 9 it says: «The Holders may at any time request the person in charge or person in charge to delete their personal data and/or revoke the authorization granted for the Treatment of the same, by presenting a claim, in accordance with what is established in article 15 of Law 1581 of 2012″.

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That said, then we have to consult how to make this claim, for this, we consult article 15 of Law 1581 of 20212 that says: “You may file a claim with the Treatment Manager or the Treatment Manager”. This same article establishes a series of conditions that you must meet to present said claim. Here we tell you:

  1. The claim will be made by means of a request addressed to the Treatment Manager or the Treatment Manager, with the identification of the Holder, the description of the facts that give rise to the claim, the address, and accompanying the documents that you want to assert.
  2. Once the complete claim is received, a legend will be included in the database that says “claim in process” and the reason for it, in a term not exceeding two (2) business days.
  3. The maximum term to address the claim will be fifteen (15) business days from the day following the date of receipt.

Who is Responsible for the Treatment of my data?

In order to be certain about this question, we consulted the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, where they clarified that: “The Person Responsible for the Treatment of personal data is a natural or legal person, public or private, who by himself or in association with others decide on the basis of data and/or their treatment».

In short, if you want to remove your data from a database and get rid of those unwanted calls forever, you should:

  1. Write a request addressed to the public or private company that makes the communication, including your name and identification, requesting that your data be removed from its database.
  2. File it in person or through the communication channels established by the entity (such as PQRS or email).
  3. Wait about 15 business days for a response. If you do not receive a response or solution, you will have to notify the SIC about this violation of your right.

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