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How to get out of the next Mercury retrograde unscathed, according to astrologers

The third retrograde Mercury of the year is getting closer every day so it is possible to begin to feel its first effects as small alterations in communications, technology and our relationships. It will officially start its retrogression on September 9 and will end until October 2, which means chaotic weeks are comingfrom the cosmic point of view, but luckily for all, astrologers tell us how to get out unscathed.

for astrology, this planet is the one that governs information, all forms of communication, transportation and logistics. When it becomes retrograde, that is, it seems to move backwards (optical effect due to our position on Earth), the topics it touches suffer alterations.

For this reason it is very feared by the followers of astrology, since they hold it responsible for technological failures, travel delays, confusion in what we express, etc..

How to overcome Mercury retrograde in September?

Mercury will begin its retrograde transit in Libra and will gradually return to Virgo where it will arrive on October 2. This is important to know because it will affect us in two different ways, depending on the sign where it is located.

In the first part and while it is in Libra, it will shake our relationships with friends, social problems in general, fairness and we will have difficulties to be diplomatic. In the second part, as it approaches Virgo, it will affect health issues, attitude of service and organization, astrologers explained to the Mind Body Green site.

Having understood the above, we are now ready to learn how to overcome it and work with its energy.

It is likely to cause problems in our relationships and in the worst case, bring some exes back into our lives. Astrologers say that, to avoid confusion, we must clarify the dynamics of our current relationships, prioritize our values, be fair and make an effort to balance ourselves.

Beyond the confusing effects of Mercury retrograde, these periods are ideal to reflectin this way, it can be useful to analyze the adjustments that we will experience during these weeks and how we will be able to use them.

In conclusion, astrologers tell us that this period is not a call to action, so we will not have to worry about acting, it is time to think and reflect.

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