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How to get a personal loan online

Online personal loan is an interesting way out for those who have high debts (mainly due to interest), dream of buying/renovating a house or apartment, traveling and other needs. Through the online personal loan, many emergency financial situations can be solved.

The idea of ​​our article is to inform the reader who is looking for a personal loan online, how feasible and easy this path is. That’s because it’s a way to help those who need quick money and no bureaucracy to solve emergency or short-term situations, check it out!

What this article covers:

What is the Personal Loan online for?

Also known as personal credit, the online personal loan is an option usually indicated for different needs, such as:

  • Payment of debts;
  • Trips;
  • High-value purchases;
  • Events;
  • investments.

Generally speaking, you can get a plan or project done quickly. Just select the institution and place your order – almost always by application.

When to apply for a Personal Loan online?

The idea is to ask for a Personal Loan Online when you want to achieve short-term goals, just like the examples mentioned above. Learn more to find out which fits best.

Reform the House

It is possible to count on an online personal loan to get that long-awaited renovation off paper, as well as build the house the way you always wanted. There are interesting offers to do this without squeezing finances.

travel with family

With planning, savings and the encouragement of more of the Personal Loan online, the trip you dream of as a family can come true.

Travel. Source/Reproduction: original.

Lenders always book a special online personal loan plan for the customer to spend amazing days with the family, without squeezing the travel costs.


Many wonder how to get a personal loan online to invest and not lose the attractiveness of the economic scenario.

Just like any purpose for using the personal loan online, making investments still has the advantage of being a modality in itself. Many companies and fintechs offer credit so that the investor does not go without applying every month.

make the dream party

In addition to researching a lot, you can still count on extra money on hand through an online personal loan. It is possible to hold any special event, be it a wedding or a 15th birthday party, you will have peace of mind to pay for later.

The good thing about online personal loans is being able to use the money for any purpose other than dreams that were already being planned, such as simply paying off a debt, solving an emergency (mainly health) or even opening your own business.

What rates for Personal Loan online?

Comparing rates from one lender to another is important, especially the rates and payment terms of your online personal loan.

What rates for Personal Loan online?
Loan fees. Source/Reproduction: original.

So, know what you will need to pay with credit:

  • CET – the Total Effective Cost, precisely with all the fees, interest and charges of applying for a personal loan online;
  • Interest rate – Even though it is already included in the CET, the interest rate deserves that reinforced attention;
  • IOF (common tax for any financial transaction);
  • insurance;
  • Registration fee.

Look carefully at your budget, fees and installment amounts before closing an online personal loan application. After all, every month you will pay this payment.

Where to apply for Personal Loan online?

Banks and finance companies provide quick and convenient access in their applications and portals to apply for a personal loan online.

See our list of 18 trusted sites to check plans and close your personal loan online:

  • Geru;
  • Simplify;
  • Good For Credit;
  • Online personal loan with Creditas vehicle guarantee;
  • Easy Credit;
  • Diamond;
  • Serasa eCred online personal loan;
  • I want to finance;
  • FinanceZero;
  • test;
  • Money Man Online Personal Loan;
  • Credosphere;
  • Just;
  • Rebel;
  • Online Personal Loan Yes;
  • DigiGrana;
  • Crefisa;
  • On Green.

The best online personal loan company is a factor that will depend on whether the consumer prefers more affordable installments or a longer payment term.

How to apply for Personal Loan online?

Currently, you can do the entire process from the simulation to the personal loan application online and receive the money in your checking account immediately, by cell phone. For any company, the steps are:

  1. Simulate a personal loan online;
  2. Evaluate the lowest CET;
  3. Choose how many installments;
  4. Send documents;
  5. Wait for credit analysis.

Before releasing personal loans online, the analysis by the fintech is an important step, and the biggest reference for analysis is the Serasa Score??

In this sense, it is worth organizing your expenses and payment commitments so that these companies can quickly release your personal loan online. Keep abreast of our portal’s tips on finance that go beyond online personal loans, such as the loan for negative people.

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