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How to gain space in Gmail: 4 essential tips

It offers 15GB of free maximum capacity for each user. Is your account reaching the memory limit? Learn how to gain space in Gmail.

Google Drive offers various services to each user who, in turn, can use each one as they see fit. Between Drive itself and Google Photos, you’ll find gmail, one of the most used email services in the world. Gaining space in Gmail helps you get organized.

If you’re about to reach your inbox’s memory limit, we’ll tell you how to get around the situation and gain space in Gmail for what you need.

Make space in Gmail: useful tips

Is the free 15GB of Google Drive not enough for you? Are you almost reaching your memory limit, are you afraid of losing important information and, above all, not having space for important emails that you haven’t even received yet? So know that you have two possibilities: either adopt a paid plan to have more memory, also known as Google One, or go through the essential tips that we’ll let you know below.


Check your attachments

Attachments are often sent and received in the Gmail inbox, which at some point are essential – whether for personal or professional reasons. But the truth is that, over time, there are attachments that no longer justify storage.

Even if you have, at a certain point, deleted emails that you no longer needed, the truth is that most attachments are still stored – not necessarily in Gmail, but in Google Drive. It is enough that you have opened these attachments and that, of course, you have the same Google account associated with both services, so that they are housed in Google’s “cloud” (on whatever platform it may be).

For that reason, it is most likely that you have emails saved with unnecessary attachments. To gain more space, you should delete them as soon as possible. As? Just access your Gmail and click on the arrow to the right of the search bar (at the top of the page).

Select “Has Attachment” at the bottom of the menu and search through your entire email (sents included). You can always delete all emails and attachments at the same time, but we advise you to individually check each of the adjacent emails and attachments before deleting anything.


Delete unnecessary emails

usually go shopping online? Then this tip is for you. Maybe you don’t remember, but the amount of receipts you have saved in your Gmail can be, in fact, daunting. Receipts that prove the amount paid, others from the service you used for payment, etc.

The truth is that you can have a lot of emails like that piled up and taking up space in your inbox. If you don’t want to waste time going through all the similar records you have saved, know that you just need to open one of those and let Gmail do the rest.

After opening one of these receipts, click on the three vertical dots that appear on the right side. Select the “Filter messages like this” option and see how quickly Gmail selects all related messages. Then, you know, delete them in case you don’t need them anymore and you’re gaining space in Gmail.

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Disable subscriptions that don’t matter

… And that he continues to receive, he doesn’t even know why. More than a tip that gives you some more free space, this little trick prevents the receipt of future emails and, more than that, it allows you to apply the same action to different subscriptions (without having to go through and deactivate them one by one). .

If you don’t know the unroll.me, we introduce you to your new best friend. Create an account, link your Gmail account and watch the magic happen – don’t worry, because this service doesn’t delete anything automatically; it is the user himself who chooses which subscriptions he wants to cancel and stop receiving.


Don’t Forget Spam…or Trash

Gmail users often forget that these folders exist. In fact, when you delete an email, it is not actually deleted from your account. Let’s say you need to make a double check to all the messages you’ve deleted so that Gmail realizes that you definitely want to delete them.

To do this, you just need to access the side menu on the left, select the “More” option and click on “Trash”. You might be surprised by how many emails were not actually deleted after all. To do a general cleaning, you don’t need to select page by page – just select the option “Empty trash now” which is in blue at the top of the page.

The same goes for the Spam folder. Some of these emails are automatically filtered by Google’s email service and end up forgotten in this folder, which must be emptied in order to get more storage space. Click on “Delete all spam messages now” to clear that folder.

After going through these tips for gaining space in Gmail, take a quick trip to Google Drive. Why? Because most likely you have files stored there that you don’t even remember and can actually delete. The same applies to videos and photographs – in this case, make a backup them and free up that space.

Remember that the free 15GB is general, that is, it includes both Gmail, Drive and Google Photos space. So every tip helps and an extra check never hurts.

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