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How to fix leak?

During the rainy season, people begin to realize that their houses have leaks🇧🇷 Injuries to the roof, lining and slab can affect the peace of mind of residents and lead to the placement of buckets in various parts of the residence.

The leak usually manifests itself when the roof has a problem. (Photo: Disclosure)

After find a leak at home, it is necessary to investigate the source of the problem. usually this type of infiltration it is related to damage to the roof of the house, that is, the roof.

What this article covers:

Causes and Solutions for Gutting

Check below the main causes and solutions of the gutter🇧🇷

Improper roof pitch
Cause: each tile model needs an inclination. If the rule is not followed, the property may suffer from leaks that are difficult to fix.

Solution: when the finished roof does not have the correct slope, it is recommended to install an under-roof blanket so as not to have to redo the entire structure. Aluminum-faced products are also able to reduce heat input into the home.

tile detachment
Cause: strong winds and rain can cause the tile to detach.

Solution: it is necessary to hire a good professional to align the tiles again and fit the loose pieces.

Some tile may have broken and needs to be replaced. (Photo: Disclosure)

broken parts
Cause: the aging of construction and weather agents can break tiles.

Solution: If some tiles are broken, they need to be replaced with other tiles from the same manufacturer. If the product is no longer available on the market, the owner of the house must rearrange the old tiles and include the new pieces in the same section.

wrong fit
Cause: a poorly made structure leaves the roof with a crooked trim. Thus, puddles of rainwater accumulate on the roof and damage the tiles.

Solution: To correct the problem that affects the tiles, it is necessary to redo the woodwork of the affected part. If the case is too extreme, the homeowner will have to invest in a new structure.

Lack of a perfect fit
Cause: the lack of a perfect fit happens when the consumer buys tiles from different batches for the same structure.

Solution: before going to the building materials store to shop, it is necessary to calculate the number of tiles that will be used in the roof and buy 10% more than what was foreseen. Parts that are not used must be saved for possible replacements.

In some cases, it is necessary to hire specialized labor. (Photo: Disclosure)

• As much as the leak is annoying, it is not recommended to climb on the wet roof to make repairs.

• If the resident is change the tiles on his own, he must be careful not to put too much weight on the roof and crack the roof. It is also important to use safety ropes to prevent falls.

• When the leak is intense and difficult to solve, the most appropriate thing is to hire a professional.

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