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How to find cheap accommodation: the definitive manual to save on your trips

We all like to stay in good, nice and cheap hotels. Surely, if you like to travel as much as I do, it never hurts to be able to save a few euros on accommodation , one of the most expensive parts when planning a trip. This does not mean that you become part of the clenched fist brotherhood, but if you want to save money during the trip there are some tips that you may not know and I would like to share with you. Follow this manual on how to find cheap accommodation and memorize all the options that I offer you. Find the one that best suits your travel philosophy and go for it!

cheap accommodation

How to find cheap accommodation: the definitive manual to save on your trips

Book the hotel with booking

Of all the hotel platforms out there, booking is our preferred hotel platform. Why?

The page looks great. Very manageable, intuitive and visual . It is really easy to move around it. Of all the platforms that exist for hotels, it is the most famous. But that does not mean that it is the only one , there are also more that are very interesting and we will tell you about it below.

Advantages of booking

  • Very good web design . Easy, comfortable and fast.
  • You can quickly see how the cheap accommodation is rated by other travelers who have stayed at the hotel before you. Normally you will find a lot of sincere opinions and of all kinds.
  • It has a great variety of hotels . In fact, if you own a hotel and you’re not on booking, you’re dead.
  • I recommend that you register in the booking account . As you make reservations with them  you will get discounts when you rebook hotels . The price that you will get on the web if you enter from your account is sometimes better than the one they give to the rest of the mortals.
  • They have punctual offers highlighted as star offers. Some are very interesting discounted bargains.
  • Normally almost all hotels you can cancel them . Although always check the cancellation policy of each one before taking the hotel.
  • It is 100×100 safe . I have always booked with them and have never had any problems.
  • No surcharges, no card fees , no stories of those that are a real pain in the ass.


  • Sometimes they don’t have the best price . In fact, if you compare the price of the hotel in other hotel comparators, you can find the same hotel at a cheaper price on another page.

Book the hotel on Hotels.com: every ten nights you get one free very cheap accommodation

We have already said that booking is our favorite platform, and it is probably yours too, but there are also many other online hotel booking platforms. Of all of them, sometimes we also opt for Hotels.com . And it is that it has a super advantage over others: for every ten hotel nights they give you one free . Come on queens who take it off our hands!

Advantages of hotels.com

  • One free night every ten I think is already a super advantage. The price of the free hotel night is the average of the price per night that you are booking in your previous hotels. We stayed one night in Rome in a super cute hotel that tasted like glory to us. It’s good if it’s free, twice as good, right? A cheap accommodation
  • It is 100 x 100 safe . We have used it several times and everything is always correct.
  • If you have any problems during the reservation, you can call a telephone number that appears on the screen with the Madrid prefix. No 902 scammers.
  • Paypal accepted.


  • It does not have as much variety of hotels as booking .
  • It doesn’t have as many opinions as on booking . The solution at this point is that you can search for the opinion of a specific hotel that interests you on booking and then go to Hotels.com , search for that same hotel and book it directly with them. So accumulating nights to get a free night has never been so easy.
cheap accommodation

Use hotel comparators

You can also use different hotel comparators such as Rastreator ,  Trivago ,  Kayak or Hotelscombined .

Advantages of using hotel comparators

  • Being a hotel comparator, you will get the cheap accommodation prices among all the hotel pages that exist . It is very likely that you will find a better price than on the booking website or on Hotels.com.


  • It is very likely that you will also have to pay some fees when carrying out the management . That is, the price that appears a priori on the screen may be increased. Be careful with this point . Normally, even if the price increases somewhat, it is still cheaper than on other pages.
  • They usually refer you to other hotel pages that are a bit “nisu” . Come on, they don’t know their father or their mother. But the fact that they are not known in Spain does not mean that they are not good. Only if you enter a page of comparators and then they refer you to another that doesn’t sound like anything to you, no matter how much they give you a more competitive price, it  can generate some mistrust .

Airbnb: the fashionable solution

What is Airbnb? Airbnb is a platform responsible for putting individuals in contact who leave a free room in their house for other travelers in exchange for a price .


  • The prices are always much cheaper than those of a hotel so you will save some money.
  • In large cities, or in other places where hotels are expensive or there is not much availability due to the existence of an important event, a Pantoja concert or Paquirrín’s wedding,  using Airbnb is a great option . If you have given up finding a hotel at a good price because it is crazy, search Airbnb and you will surely be lucky.cheap accommodation
  • If it is your first night on Airbnb you can use our discount coupon and you will save 30 euros. Hey, they always come in handy.
  • You can read the opinions left by other people who have stayed there before . In this way you are seeing the opinion that other travelers have left about the host and depending on whether you like them or not, you are choosing where to stay.
  • Every time I have stayed in a house using Airbnb I have had a good experience . The host has always been very nice. Obviously he is interested in you leaving a positive comment on his profile. The better reviews you have, the more people will book your casita. And so everyone is happy.
  • You can go to your ball . It is not like Couchsurfing, which is a totally different thing, as we will tell you below, there is no cultural exchange here. You take the keys and come and go as you please.


  • The cancellation policy depends on the host and in some cases it is quite restrictive . It can be moderate, flexible or strict depending on whether or not they penalize you if you decide to cancel the accommodation in the end.
  • It has a service fee and also a management fee . Keep in mind that if you cancel the reservation, the management fees are not refunded in any case.
  • After all, you are staying at a stranger’s house . That means that you have to tell him about the time you will arrive more or less. Also, of course, you will have a little less privacy than if you were in a hotel .
how to find cheap accommodation


Its name comes from “couch” = sofa in English. Basically, Couchsurfing has  been sleeping on someone else’s sofa . This network based on the collaborative economy has thousands of users all over the world. It consists of putting travelers who leave their house, their sofa or a bed for free in contact with other travelers. Yes, you read it right. All free.


  • The cheap accommodation is free , but don’t be a rat and try to bring the host something, be it a small detail or invite them to something. It’s never too much.
  • There is no management fee on the platform.
  • Whether you want to welcome a traveler in your home, or if you want to stay at a stranger’s house,  you can first check all the comments of other travelers who have already met the other person on the platform . This will help you choose one or the other.
  • If someone contacts you and you don’t feel like staying at your house or they don’t give you a good vibe. Don’t worry you can reject it and another thing butterfly.
  • Nor is it mandatory to register to have to leave your house available. There are other exchanges such as meetings with other travelers to have a beer or show them your city.
  • I’m sorry, but I have to say it. I do not like to generalize but with couchsurfing it is quite linked .
  • For long-term trips, it is the best way to travel without going bankrupt .
  • You are in direct contact with the local people . People who do couch surfing are open people who like to interact, get to know other cultures. It’s not like Airbnb where you pay and you can go your own way. Couchsurfing is also about a cultural exchange . Think that they are opening the doors of their house for free. It’s great if you want to know how a local lives, and soak up their culture and local gastronomy first-hand.


  • Not everyone likes staying at a stranger’s house for free . It depends a lot on your way of being and your travel philosophy. There are people who love this way of traveling, and others who do not share it. Both forms are equally respectable.
  • I recommend that you opt for Couchsurfing if you are an open person. If you are a bit stale this form of hosting is not the best for you .
  • You will not always have to sleep on the sofa, you can also be lucky and have an available room or a bed for yourself. In any case, it must be recognized that sleeping on the sofa is not the most comfortable thing in the world .

Stay in a hostel

If what you like is meeting people and staying surrounded by a youthful atmosphere, your best option is hostels. It’s cheaper than a hotel and you share experiences. There are several pages of hostel comparators such as hostels.com , hostelbookers , hostelworld or hostelling international .

You can book a bed in a female-only, male-only, or mixed room . The more capacity the room has, the cheaper the price will be.

how to find cheap accommodation


  • They are much cheaper than a hotel, A cheap accommodation and you will meet a lot of people who travel the world just like you.
  • Normally young people stay and the people you meet are very nice .
  • Hostels have a lot of atmosphere. Some have a bar to have a few beers or play pool. The leisure offer inside the hostel is very wide.
  • It ‘s perfect if you’re traveling solo and want to mingle a bit .
  • And it is also a great option if you are traveling in a group of four, five or six people. You can directly book a room with bunk beds for all of you alone. This way you will all be together and it will be much cheaper than any hotel.


  • Normally you will have to share a room . I recommend, from experience, that you take some good earplugs . You probably need them. There is always someone who snores.
  • Always check that the price of the hostel is cheaper than a hotel . There are times that it does not come out to account when putting the total number of travelers. will not be a cheap accommodation.

Home exchange

For some time now, house swapping has also become fashionable. It consists of you contacting someone to stay at your house and you go to their house . So easy and simple. Basically at your house or mine. We have never used it but there are several pages on the internet about it such as Exchange of houses.com or Homeforhome .


  • The same person who is going to go to your house is the one who leaves it to you . Therefore, it is assumed that you know the lesson of “don’t do what you don’t want done to you”.
  • Highly recommended if you travel as a family or with children .
  • The exchange is totally free. You will enjoy a holiday with free accommodation .
  • Thanks to offering your house you can have a lot of houses at your fingertips in many countries of the world .


  • If you have any valuables in your house, you still don’t like leaving the house to a stranger .
  • Some home exchange sites have  management fees .


You may not have heard of Nightswapping since it’s quite new but that’s what we’re here for. Its philosophy is very similar to that of couchsurfing, only it has a very important nuance. In nightswapping you can host strangers in your home and for every night you host a traveler you will receive in return a free night at other travellers’ homes . It has been, basically, a barter or exchange of nights . The cheap accommodation offered can be an entire floor or just the guest room.


  • The same as couchsurfing , you will meet local people, only here you stay in rooms, not sofas.
  • One night in exchange for another night . In this way it is a fair and equal exchange.
  • If you need more nights you can buy them.


  • Just like in couchsurfing, maybe you don’t like staying at a stranger’s house and chatting with him.
  • The platform has some management fees at the time of making the reservation.

And here comes our manual on how to find cheap accommodation. What do you think of all our tips for finding accommodation? Do you use any other? Which one is your favorite? If you found this post useful, please leave us a comment. Do not be lazy! 

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