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How to fill out and issue a green receipt step by step

1. Access the Finance Portal.

two. Click on “Access Tax Services”.

click access tax services

3. At the bottom of the page, click on “Green Invoices and Receipts”.

select green invoices and receipts

4. Enter the taxpayer number and the respective password.


5. Click on “Send”.

click on issue

6. Click on “Invoice or Invoice-Receipt”.


7. Indicate the date of service provision and the Document Type to issue. You can choose between “Invoice” or “Invoice-receipt”:

  • Invoice: when the moment of receipt is deferred, that is, if it happens after the service has been rendered.
  • Invoice-receipt: when the time of provision of the service coincides with the time of receipt or in the case of receiving an advance payment from the customer.
finance portal date and type of green receipt

8. Yours data then appears automatically populated. The same in relation to the activity carried out, which is the one you chose at the time of opening the activity. If you have more than one economic activity, select the one corresponding to the type of service provided on each receipt.

green receipt issuer data

9. Enter the VAT number and the address of the entity to which the receipt will be issued, that is, the customer.

green receipt customer data

10. Indicate whether the amount received is a payment for goods or services, the most common option, or an advance payment. Write a brief description of the service provided.

service description

11. choose the VAT regime:

  • If you do not have category B income of more than 12,500 euros per year, you are exempt from VAT. Select the option “VAT – exemption regime [artigo 53º]”;
  • You may be exempt for other professional reasons, if your activity is covered by the exemption from the Article 9 of the VAT Code. In that case, you will have to choose “Exempt – article 9”;
  • If you are not exempt, you must select the percentage of VAT due (the normal rate in mainland Portugal is 23%).
choose VAT regime

To find out if you are exempt from VAT, read the article below.

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12. choose the IRS tax base:

  • You are exempt if you have not exceeded the accumulated annual amount of 12,500 euros, so you must choose the option “Exemption from withholding – art. 101º-B, nº1, al. a) and b), of the CIRS”;
  • If you do not have an IRS waiver, you must choose the 100% tax base;
  • There are some special situations, such as different professional categories whose base is 50%, as well as the case of people with a disability greater than 60%, which have a base of 25%.
choose IRS tax base

13. Select the rate IRS withholding tax.

If, when completing the previous point, you chose “Withholding tax waiver”, the field “IRS withholding tax” is automatically blocked.

Otherwise, you must choose the applicable retention rate.

choose IRS withholding

Usually, the amount to be withheld is 25% for taxpayers with IRS category B income included in the Simplified Regime, that is, who are not required to have organized accounting.

See, in the article below, in which cases other IRS withholding rates apply.

withholding green receipts

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14. insert the base value of the service provided. The “Stamp Duty” field should only be filled in in the case of notarial acts, which is why it is normally left blank.

enter base value

15. Finally, click on “Send” at the top right of the page.

issue green receipt

You can then print or save the receipt in digital format and send it to the customer.

You can consult the green receipts already issued or even cancel any of them, if necessary.

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Now that you know how to issue and fill in green receipts, avoid unnecessary mistakes and problems with the Tax Authorities.

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