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How to expand and organize the kitchenette

The kitchenette is a apartment with small proportions🇧🇷 It usually has a private space for the bathroom and another large area that integrates the living room, bedroom and kitchen. The absence of walls to determine the divisions is one of the main features of the property.

The kitchenette has a small space, but it can be well used. (Photo: Disclosure)

People who intend to live alone or share a home during college usually look for studio apartments for rent. The price is more affordable compared to conventional houses and apartments.

The kitchenette proposal is ideal for those looking for a temporary place. If the resident is well organized and careful, he will also benefit from facilities in domestic cleaning.

What this article covers:

Tips for organizing and expanding the kitchenette

Check below some tips for organizing and expanding the kitchenette🇧🇷

• When renovating the property, it is worth betting on painting the wall with light and soft colors🇧🇷 This bet favors the feeling of spaciousness and lighting.

• Use a hollow shelf to separate (and at the same time unite) the built-in environments. The partition is functional because it serves to store objects and belongings.

• The space in the kitchenette will be better utilized if the decor includes multifunctional furniture. The bed with deep drawers in its structure is a good solution for the bedroom.

For the property to look bigger, organization is key. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Cabinets with mirrored doors represent a solution for enlarge the room🇧🇷

• If the furniture is made-to-measure, it will be possible to take advantage of 100% of the kitchenette space🇧🇷

• If the intention is to increase the number of sleeping accommodations, then it is worth betting on the bunk bed and sofa bed.

•To make the most of the space reserved for the living room, it is worth betting on ottomans or an L-shaped sofa.

• Folding tables are useful both for meals and for studying.

• To keep the neat kitchenetteresidents can separate and store their belongings in organizing boxes.

• The kitchen’s vertical space can be well utilized through built-in cupboards.

Light colors contribute to the feeling of spaciousness. (Photo: Disclosure)

• The appliances chosen to equip the kitchenette must be compact and proportionate.

• One divider panel can be installed to ensure more privacy to the room.

• An interesting exit for the kitchenette organization is the presence of niches in the environments.

• It is important not to exaggerate the amount of furniture and accessories so as not to compromise the circulation of people in the kitchenette.

• In order for the kitchenette to have a clean and spacious lookthe decoration should be thought of only with the essentials.

• Horizontal lines make the space appear larger than it actually is.

• The kitchenette will be in order if the resident acquires the habit of do a tidy up daily.

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