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How to exchange Panini Qatar 2022 stamps online • ENTER.CO

If you are a soccer fan, surely you already have the Panini Qatar 2022 album, but one of the “problems” that arise when filling the album is that the stamps are often repeated and then the question arises: how or where can I exchange them? ? In Bogotá and other cities in Colombia and around the world, you will find some kiosks on the street or stores in general where you can exchange these, but come on, there are already online options to do so. We will show you two ways.

Virtual Panini Qatar 2022 Album

A few days ago we told you that, just like four years ago, Panini decided to launch a version of the virtual stamp album, which you can download through an application. If you want to acquire it, you can review our portal or enter this note. For this specific case, the same application has a section where you can organize the stamps that you have to change in order to later exchange them with other users.

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Panini Qatar 2022 physical album

If, on the other hand, you prefer to continue with the physical album, you will also find some options that will help you exchange cute or stamps with other fans. There are applications that, in addition to helping you keep track of the stamps you have and that you need, allow you to exchange them with other consumers. For example, Sticker Collector 2022, an application that is available for iOS devices that allows you to keep track and change stickers through the same app.

Likewise, there are already hundreds of groups on Facebook where you can exchange monkeys, there a large number of fans gather who organize meeting points to exchange monkeys in different parts of the city. Depending on the city and country where you are, the group may vary, but generally, you will find it as “Panini collections” followed by the country, for example “Panini Colombia collections”. All you have to do is look for the group, join and organize a meeting. Here are some groups:

Exchange Panini Stamps

Panini Colombia Collections

Exchange Stamps Panini Public Group

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