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How to earn money with vending machines passively

If the idea of make money with vending machinesyou are in the right place and article to start your project.

The automated vending machine sector is experiencing enormous growth, especially after the 2020 pandemic. We have become accustomed to using them more than ever and, therefore, they are a excellent source of (almost) passive income.

Therefore, in this article to earn money, we want to drive you towards success with your business idea. We are going to provide you with some keys on how it works, different options and the requirements that you must meet. Prepared?

How to make money with vending machines

The first thing you have to understand to know how to make money with vending machines is what is the business model.

In this case, it’s pretty simple: you install a network of automated machines to sell products.

Don’t just imagine food and drink because, today, this business has evolved and goes much further than that.

You have all kinds of specialized machines that, when placed in the right place, can generate some very important benefits.

In addition, you will only need to organize the logistics well, comply with local regulations and think carefully about the product. It is a business that requires planningYes, but it can generate significant profitability.

Steps to start earning with vending machines

The first thing you will need is a suitable place to install your machines.Because well, it is true that you could install a vending machine in isolation.

However, nowadays it is considered a better option accumulate numerous machines in the same point.

This not only generates more sales probabilities, but the resulting ticket is higher. Come on, the customer spends, on average, more.

In addition to choosing that location, you will need to contact suppliers and generate a menu or offer from your machine.

This is something that customers will ask of you if you rent your machines from them, but it will also allow you to carry a stock properly and to know the products that generate the most profit.

Finally, you must decide what type of vending machine suits you best.

This is where things get complicated, because you will have to assess the regulations (which we will see later), but also aspects such as safety, benefits and, of course, the design.

How the business of these machines works

vending machines passive income business model

The business model is the easiest within what you have to know to make money with vending machines.

In essence, you market a series of products, generating a margin for each sale. You have a warehouse and, depending on what you sell, your job will be to collect the passive income, fill the machine and, of course, ensure its maintenance.

You do not need to be present at the time of the sale, which makes it an almost passive business.

Interesting examples of this business

Thanks to technology, there are very interesting automation options.

You can create a point, for example, where you sell coffee, snacks, hot food and gifts to get you out of trouble.

It is not uncommon for this to succeed in cities, where you could get to the machine and, with some money, take a gift pack, breakfast or a simple dinneras well as some mischief to surprise your partner.

It is a very profitable model, if you place it strategically.

Also, the most modern machines help you with inventory.

Instead of going to see if there is a lack of product, you can carry the stock remotely, and reduce the logistical effort to keep your machines ready. A marvel!

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Requirements for vending machines in Mexico, Spain and the USA

If you want to participate in this growing market, you will need to know some legal requirements to install vending machines.

We propose the most important according to the regulations of each country.


You will have to buy machines with the approval of the European community (CE, not to be confused with the CE of “China Export”). In addition, you will be required to have liability insurance, traceability of your products, have a company and, of course, pay taxes.


The machine must be correctly identified, with the company data and a tax identification code that guarantees its registration. In addition, you must inform the competent authority of your warehouse and health registration number. And, of course, pay taxes.


To operate this business in the United States, you will need a vending machine operator’s license, as well as contact your state’s regulatory agency, which will instruct you on how to obtain a vendor’s license.

In addition, you will have to purchase an approved machine, with its health permits, and pay the corresponding fees.

As you see, make money with vending machines It is possible, but you will have to put some previous work on your part. However, with desire, a good idea and planning well, you will be able to make your effort profitable in a short time and be part of this very interesting emerging market.

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