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How to earn money playing?

Although many people do not know, it is possible to earn money by playing on your cell phone. This happens through the use of some specific apps that offer rewards to users, including cash. In the app market there are many options that offer the function to earn money playing, but not all of them are completely safe and it is important to be aware of this.

In any case, you can earn money playing with your cell phone, from the comfort of your home. This text presents some interesting options for applications that provide rewards for users. Most of them are free and you just need to download and start using them. Check out.

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What games do I make money playing?

To earn money by playing it is necessary to know which dorcado app options provide rewards. There are different alternatives available in the app stores, but generally, everyone’s goal is the same: to use them. Check below some names of apps that make it possible to earn money playing.

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CashPirate is a free application that provides users with the possibility to accumulate what are called “Pirate Coins”. These rewards are paid to people who complete certain tasks within the platform, such as playing games, watching videos, inviting friends to download the app as well, among other things. The redemption of the amounts won is done by the paypal??

make money

Make Money has a very suggestive name and makes its purpose clear. To earn money playing with it, just download it (for free) and test games and applications indicated on the platform. The user just needs to give his opinion about some products and services listed on Make Money to accumulate the reward values.


This one is also free, but only available for Android devices. The idea here is similar to that of the previous App and to earn money you just have to do some activities that are indicated by the app. In addition, you can also collect rewards based on the indication of new users. The accumulated money can be collected by paypal.

big time

This option is different from the ones mentioned above. The rewards available in Big Time are distributed through raffles. In other words, the user, in addition to playing on the platform, has to count on a little luck as well. The rewards, however, are usually quite high (up to about a thousand dollars).

Feature Points

But one option to earn money playing is Feature Points. The application, in addition to offering games properly, also has other mechanisms for accumulating rewards, such as a system for testing other applications and responses to various surveys.


Quizdom is an interesting option for those who like games based on questions and answers about different knowledge. It is through thematic quizzes that this application offers rewards to users.


Gamee, like Big Time, offers users tickets to weekly draws on the platform. You can also earn money playing with it, because the more the participant plays, the more tickets for the raffle he receives and the more chances he has to win.

How do pay-to-play games?

Before downloading various apps to earn money by playing games, it is important to know how the reward mechanisms work in them. This is interesting so that there are no frustrations when playing and receiving the accumulated values ​​on the platform. See below three important points about this.


These applications that provide cash rewards to users are often filled with ads of all kinds. This can be a visual and even functional nuisance, as they can often disrupt user interaction with the interface, but they are not dangerous. Most of these Apps need ads to stay on the market.

They don’t always pay cash.

A very relevant point about apps that promise to provide rewards to users is that not all of them give their rewards in cash properly. Some of them work with the provision of different rewards, such as gift cards, discounts at different stores, cell phone recharges, merchandise, among other things. For this reason, it is important to read the terms of use for the App.

collect your information

Some of the applications used to earn money by playing games may also collect information from users’ mobile devices. It is very important to be aware of this.

Some care must be taken when using applications to earn money by playing with your cell phone. Paying close attention to the App description, for example, is good practice. It’s interesting to read calmly what the game’s developer says about how it works.

What to watch out for with pay-to-play games

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Paying attention to the terms of use is also very important, as they will contain information related to the payment method made by the platform and also what types of data are collected from the cell phone by the application.

Finally, having an antivirus installed and updated on your cell phone is also an attitude that guarantees security when using these applications to earn money playing. In general, they tend to be quite safe, but this care is essential so that there are no future problems related to electronic security.

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